Maestría en Derecho Internacional de los Derechos Humanos


  • Master of laws (LL.M.)
  • Starting date: April
  • Tuition Fee: 20,000 - 25,000 USD
  • Language: Spanish
  • Program type: Part-time; Full-time
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Specialization: Human Rights ; International Law

Admission Requirements

  • be a graduate of this University with a bachelor's degree corresponding to a 4 years or more, or 
  • be a graduate from other universities in Argentine, with a title corresponding to a career grade of 4 years or more, or 
  • be a graduate from foreign universities who have completed at least a curriculum of 2600 clock hours or equivalent to master level I training, or 
  • be a graduate of studies of non-university higher level of at least 4 years  and also complete the prerequisites determined by the Master's Commission, to ensure that its formation is compatible with the requirements of the graduate who aspires ; 
  • those who have a history of relevant research or professional degree, though not meet regulatory requirements cited, may exceptionally be admitted to enter the Master with the recommendation of the Master's Commission and with the approval of the Board of Faculty of Law.

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Study Programme

The program presented allows the Specialization in International Law of Human Rights with the Master, completing 144 hours and 160 hours for preparation of the final thesis or work to obtain the title of Master in International Law of Human Rights of the University of Buenas Aires. 

  • Cycle A consists of 9 areas work completed and mandatory approval for any of the options open later. There are 9 subjects, of 30 hours each, providing the basic conceptual training to address the specific characteristics which are provided in the following cycles.
  • Cycle B addresses core issues of lnternational Human Rights Law through the topic of vulnerable individuals in human rights groups. 
  • Cycle C includes rights in particular, actors and processes in the implementation of human rights. 
  • Cycles D and E consist in thesis seminars and workshops for students who choose to complete the thesis, participation to congresses and conferences, attendance at seminars, participation in research projects and field work, etc. for students who decide to make the final work of the Master.

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