Maestria en Derecho y Economia


  • Master of laws (LL.M.)
  • Starting date: April
  • Tuition Fee: 20,000 - 25,000 USD
  • Language: Spanish
  • Program type: Part-time; Full-time
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Specialization:

Study Programme

The curriculum of the Master of a total of 710 hours is distributed as follows: 

  • 550 hours of mandatory classroom 
  • 160 hours of academic activities, seminars or workshops to support the thesis preparation to be performed when the master 's degree has approved more than 50% of the subjects that make up the curriculum.

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Admission Requirements


For other graduates, Master's Commission WILL TAKE into account, inter alia, the curriculum in question and evaluate personal knowledge of the candidate in the interview. 

For applicants with an undergraduate degree of 4 years at least, the Master's Commission may, on the basis of "curriculum vitae", get an interview with the candidate and establish additional requirements for admission. 

For people with a history of relevant research or professional degree, admission require, in all cases, an interview with the Master's Commission, which will determine additional requirements. Admission must be approved by the Governing Board of the Faculty. 

In all cases, applicants must prove a minimum knowledge of a modern language at the level of comprehensive reading.