Maestría en Filosofía del Derecho


  • Master of laws (LL.M.)
  • Starting date: March
  • Tuition Fee: 20,000 - 25,000 USD
  • Language: Spanish
  • Program type: Part-time; Full-time
  • Duration: 1 year; 2 years
  • Specialization: Philosophy & History Law

Admission Requirements

  • Candidates must have graduated from the University of Buenos Aires or Argentina or other foreign university law degrees, Bachelor of Laws degree in philosophy, political science, sociology, history or equivalent. 
  • They have to submit background and explain the academic goals of enrollment in the Master, which will be appreciated by the Commission of the Master. 
  • In exceptional cases, applicants with relevant research or professional background, but no university degree, will be able to apply, implying  an interview with the Commission in which the Master may determine additional requirements. Admissions proposals in accordance with this paragraph shall be approved by the Board. 
  • They must submit a resume to the Committee of Master and exhibit academic objectives pursued with registration. 
  • The candidate shall demonstrate knowledge of a foreign language of his choice among English, French, Portuguese and Italian. 
  • All applicants who are not Castilian native speakers must demonstrate sufficient command of it.

Study Programme

Basic Courses:
  • Ontology (32 hours) 
  • Analytical approach (32 hours) 
  • Sociology of knowledge (32 hours) 
  • Logic (32 hours) 
  • Epistemology of Law (32 hours) 
  • History of the Philosophy of Right (16 hours) 
  • Theory of rational choice (16 hours) 
  • Seminar: ontological and epistemological analysis (16 hours) 

Ethical-political courses:
  • Theories of justice (16 hours) 
  • Law, ideology and legitimacy (16 hours) 
  • Bioethics (16 hours) 
  • Law and Economics (16 hours) 
  • Seminar: Ethical analysis (16 hours) 
  • Seminar: Political and economic analysis (16 hours) 

General theory of law courses:
  • Law and justice (32 hours) 
  • Law as a normative system (32 hours) 
  • Law as a social reality (16 hours) 
  • Critical approach (32 hours) 
  • Integrative approach (48 hours) 
  • Seminar: Theoretical and Legal Analysis (16 hours) 

Field of application 
  • Contributions of philosophy to Private Law (16 hours) 
  • Contributions to the Philosophy of Right to Public Law (16 hours) 
  • Application of natural law right (32 hours) 
  • Analytical application of duty (32 hours) 
  • Review Application of duty (32 hours) 

Workshops (32 hours)