5 reasons every law student should meet with a career advisor

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5 reasons every law student should meet with a career advisor

Remember your guidance counselor?  You know that person you met with during your first week at university and told yourself you would definitely schedule to meet with at least once a year? Well it’s not too late and here is why you should


Get some perspective


Thinking about the future can be very stressful. Having to weigh out different options or making tough decisions can put a serious strain on students’ minds.  For this reason, it is important to meet with a career advisor who will certainly be helpful in getting some perspective. Career advisors are experts and will give you invaluable advice as well as calm you down about the f-word.


Take some time to reflect about your curriculum vitae


Sometimes it is important to stop and think about everything you have achieved so far. Some things you may not even have included in your CV and would make for a good add. Even if you don’t think you’ve done much you may surprise yourself.


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Find out where you want to take your legal career


Still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up? Career advisors can help you out with that. At the very least, they can help you find out what your strengths are and what your next step might be. They can help you uncover a path you had never even thought about before.


Define a strategy


Tackling the job market is no easy feat. A guidance counselor will give you the appropriate tools to start looking for your first opportunity : where you should start looking, whether you should gain some work experience through internships or even put you in touch with professionals to give you specific advice.  


C.V.s and cover letters


Guidance counselors are deft in the art of cover letter and C.V. writing. For this reason, alone you should make an appointment to speak to one. Spelling mistakes are a huge eliminatory factor; having an expert double check your grammar can only be beneficial. On top of this, in the legal world, originality on C.V.s in seldom welcome. A skilled eye will recognize what to keep and what to keep out of your C.Vs.