5 Reasons to attend an LL.M abroad

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5 Reasons to attend an LL.M abroad

Every law student dreams of studying a year abroad. Getting an internationally renowned diploma while discovering a new culture is the perfect equation the LL.M program provides. The five following points will describe five of the many benefits of studying an LL.M abroad.


1. Get a demanded and prestigious upgrade to your CV:


The LL.M (Masters of law) is a program designed for students desiring to study at an international level. Step by step, it has become a requirement to work within global law firms and companies. Law studies differ from one country to another. Obtaining an additional diploma recognized by professionals is then highly recommended to adjust to the competition in the law market. Graduating with an LL.M. from a top university will look great on your CV. Especially if you scored average marks during your undergraduate degree at an average university. American and British universities entertain a prestigious reputation worldwide and can be a serious plus on your CV. It should not be the main reason you decide to jump on the LL.M. wagon, but it is something to keep in mind.

2. Deepen your knowledge and choose your specialization:


The LL.M program can be in many ways the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and choose your specialization. Firstly, an LL.M program could be either general, giving you the freedom to pick classes from distinctive law areas or either specialized with only courses focused on this given area of the Law. If you choose the second option, you will obviously be able to have a better emphasis on many issues and challenges your specialization contains. However, choosing the general path could, in the same way, enable you to take part of law seminars, which are dedicated to specific law issues. This way, you will be able to open yourself and discover a specialization that you might have never thought of getting involved into.




3. Build an international network:


Every day, your Law School will provide you with a new opportunity to attend networking events with law firms or companies. These events will permit you to have a practical insight into law issues. It could also be the opportunity to obtain an interview for an internship if you are looking to stay one more year or even longer after your LL.M graduation. A network is not only a professional term, it also means a group of friends that you will find among the LL.M and local students. It will be the opportunity to attend together social events. Being able to foster connections is important. As an LL.M student, you will be able to find so by being involved in a student Association or Society. You could also create your own association dedicated to international students if it doesn’t exist yet!

4. Develop new skills:


One of the many benefits of living such an experience is the close insight you will have on practical skills. Most of the LL.M programs allow their students to join a law clinic during one or both semesters. These clinics provide fieldwork as well as academic course component. Students are put in real life situation and are required to solve their client’s problems. Another way to do so is provided by some Law schools with their externships programs. An externship is an internship which will validate credits in your semester. You could be able to work in a Court, or within a large law firm or nonprofit organization that you have always dreamed of. These new skills will be beneficial as it will prepare you for your future career, as well as for the bar exam if you are considering to take it after your LL.M year either in your home country or in the country of your LL.M program (such as the New York bar.)

5. Broaden your horizons:


Studying abroad is a unique chance to discover a new culture. Most of the International Universities now offer an LL.M program. Asia is, for instance, a highly demanded destination. Even if at first you will be lost in translations, you will live a life changing experience. Going abroad to study an LL.M will challenge your ability to adapt to new surroundings. You will also be challenged by your classmates from academic and professional as well as cultural different horizons. You will be able to travel together and discover the many wonders of your chosen country.


If you want to find out what LL.M program is made for you, use now the LL.M search tool on our website to start successfully your LL.M application!