5 Steps to successfully prepare your LL.M Application

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5 Steps to successfully prepare your LL.M Application

Discovering the brave new world. Indeed, it is very important to understand well in advance the prospects of an LL.M degree as well as to identify what are your expectations. In order to do so, it is important to read on an LL.M database such as findyourllm.com articles giving advice and general information on the LL.M diploma. For instance, you will understand that it exist either specialized or general LL.M programs, there are also clinics open to LL.M students that can make the LL.M a very flexible and professionalizing diploma.



You are now aware of the benefits of an LL.M degree for your career. Because choosing to obtain an LL.M program is sometimes a life changing choice as it can be very expensive, it is important to evaluate their benefits on recent LL.M graduates. Meeting alumni will allow you to see the evolution and perspective of the students before and after their experience as LL.M student. You will surely be amazed by their love for the country in which they have been, the people they met and the incredible academic and professional adventure they lived.  You might also want to meet faculty directors and ask them questions to make sure you can fulfill their academic as well as professional requirements and have more information on their program. Therefore, you should assist to LL.M events, such as an LL.M roadshows or an LL.M Tour gathering everybody in a round table. Last May, our staff did a European Tour with international Law schools with various opportunities not only to meet faculty and alumni, but also to get a scholarship.


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Now that you have criterion for your LL.M program you can search for the various programs that meet these special requirements. You will also be able to seek for scholarships, either the one offered by your school or by other organizations. If your budget is limited, this could highly influence the search of your LL.M program. Our search tab includes a search with the possibility of putting the price you are able to spend with our even without getting a scholarship.





Time is the key to success.  This is also the key to successfully apply for an LL.M. Your time has to be well managed even if application deadlines often come in the examination period. Therefore, you should well before the deadline have all of the documents prepared. Some of the documents which are required such as the IELTS or TOEFL diploma take some months to obtain. The right schedule might be to begin six months before the application deadline.





Applying is the consecration of these six months of thoughtful reflection. You have to apply well before the deadline. One reason for this is that a lot of LL.M programs review applications on a rolling basis. In other words, it is a first to come basis, the earlier you apply the more chance you have to be accepted in prestigious and highly demanded programs. You should also know that some Law schools have an early application starting in August or September. This allows you to be accepted or be reviewed on preference upon the second pool of applicants applying on the regular application which lasts until the application deadline.



If you want to start right now, you can read other articles, search for the LL.M program of your dreams and get ready to go on an LL.M Tour by visiting our website Findyourllm.com!