Ghent LLM Scholarship Fund is Launched – Apply Now

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Ghent LLM Scholarship Fund is Launched – Apply Now

The Ghent LLM Programmes is pleased to announce the launch of the LLM Scholarship Fund.


The Scholarship Fund is aimed at supporting talented and motivated applicants who cannot afford to cover the costs of their studies.


Scholarships’ Coverage: The scholarships will cover the LLM tuition fee only. The exact amount of a scholarship can differ according to the needs of an applicant and the funds available.


Travel and living expenses are not covered.


Selection Criteria: The selection process for allocation of the LLM scholarships is based on the overall quality of the application, the motivation and the financial needs of an applicant. Neither the nationality of the applicant nor the type of LLM programme enters into consideration.


Students who already benefit from another scholarship can only benefit from the LLM Scholarship Fund up to the amount of full tuition not covered by the other scholarship.


All scholarships are personal and non-transferable to another academic year, and are dependent on the actual participation in the academic year for which they are granted.


Scholarship Application and Decision Process: The LLM applicants wishing to apply for a scholarship have to indicate this in the “Financial Means” section of the LLM Application Form and submit a separate motivation letter for applying for an LLM scholarship (maximum 1 page long) and the supporting documents (if any) along with the other documents forming the standard application package. Financial aid depends on actual demonstrated financial need, and on available funds.


Scholarship applications should reach the LLM Office (by e-mail to by 15 April at the latest.


Decisions on allocation of scholarships are taken separately from the decisions on admission to the LLM Programmes. The decisions on scholarship requests will be taken at intervals: at the beginning of January, at the beginning of March and at the end of April.

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