How an LL.M. fair could change your life!

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How an LL.M. fair could change your life!


What are study fairs?

If you are a planning on doing an LL.M. degree, the first place to start looking is you will start by looking for information on university websites to see which ones provide the course you are most interested in. You will take into account several other criteria such as rankings, entry requirements, academic excellence, and study methods.

The next step is to attend LL.M. fairs to get first-hand information from universities about the courses that they are offering. You will also get to meet prospective students like yourself and discuss LL.M. specializations.

So why attend an LL.M. study fair?

Whether you plan on doing an LL.M. degree in the coming year or the year after (or at some point in the future), you can satisfy your appetite curiosity on LL.M. courses and specialisations directly from university representatives at LL.M. study fairs. These forums are guaranteed to motivate you further while you consider applying for an LL.M. degree and they can expose you to new interests and make you radically change your career path. give you early exposure in your path to doing an LL.M. degree causing you to make changes to your life and your career path!


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1. Meet University representatives face-to-face

You have This is the opportunity to meet face-to-face with course administrators and University deans of admissions, managers of universities. You can get a first-hand account of LL.M. specialisations including new ones that are being offered for the coming year including new courses and modules.


In addition, you will get an idea on other aspects of the LL.M. study such as tutor assistance, academic resources, and materials, teaching and research methods, student facilities, etc.

2. Career support and guidance

An LL.M. study tour can also expose you to the different career paths that you can pursue ahead of your LL.M. degrees. Specialist sessions may be held to give prospective students an insight into the different career options that students can pursue such as research degrees, Ph.D. prospects, working with international organizations, etc.


This can help you in evaluating your choices in LL.M. specialisations and work towards building up on your career profile early on.

3. Networking and meeting young legal professionals

LL.M. study fairs are a great way to meet prospective students such as like yourself and to interact with young legal professionals who are planning to take a break from work to pursue an LL.M. degree. You can make new friends and hopefully meet new LL.M. classmates at the fair!


Don’t forget to exchange your contact details with interesting people that you meet and share or add contacts on LinkedIn/Facebook to stay in touch. After all study fairs are a great platform that encourages young professionals to network and exchange new ideas.

4. Application Checking and CV reviews

You will get guidance from university representatives on filling out your application forms for the LL.M. course. Although applications differ from each one university to the next, you will get a general idea on how to best to bring together gather all the required information for applying to universities. Ensure that you check specific conditions that universities have such as language requirements, entry routes, etc.


You will also have the opportunity to get your CV checked by specialists. This can be a great opportunity to increase your chances not just in your LL.M. applications but also for your future career prospects. Make sure to bring an up-to-date CV that highlights your past and current work experience, internships, volunteering, key skills, interests, etc.

5. Seminars and talks on LLM. specialisations

You will come across sessions where mentors will talk you through course selections either through one-on-one meetings or group sessions. These sessions will prepare you for module selection and help in planning your LL.M. study year! Specialist advice is also given on entry requirements, enhancing your LL.M. learning experience and improving English language and research skills.


A great advantage of attending an LL.M. fair is that you can get a lot of your questions answered through one forum and build on your legal career path early on rather than waiting to complete your degree.

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By offering the opportunity to reach European students and young professionals in an optimized environment Findyourllm brings together prospective LL.M. students and university representatives. For a glimpse of Findyourllm’s most recent event that took place earlier this year, see an update on their 2016 Spring Tour here.


At the Findyourllm study fair, you will receive a Welcome Pack with information about the participating structures. You will also have the opportunity to meet with professionals to review applications, resumes, and cover letters.


The best part about Findyourllm’s tours in Europe is that they plan to cover several European cities in their upcoming Fall Tour 2016 and it could be in a city near you! So make sure to watch this space and register as early as possible.


Author: Seetha Sriraman