How Many Lawyers with LL.M. Degrees Work in Biglaw?

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This year LLM-Guide released a report about how many international lawyers with LL.M. degrees work in biglaw. Here are the important facts you need to know.

  • An average of 19 percent of lawyers have an LL.M.

  • The firm with the highest percentage of LL.M. alumni working at their offices (excluding USA and UK) is Jones Day ( 43%).

  • The city with the most LL.M. lawyers is Paris (345).

  • The university with the most LL.M. alumni working in the 11 top law firms is NYU (130).

  • The most popular specialization for the lawyers was Corporate Law (582).

  • More than 1000 completed their LL.M. between 2004 and 2014 while only 650 completed an LL.M. from 1994-2004.

This data was taken from nearly 13,000 public profiles of lawyers working in offices outside the United States and United Kingdom. This includes associates, partners, council, and consultants for the top-20 largest law firms globally. They worked in big law offices in hubs like Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Johannesburg.