How to pick the location for your LL.M.?

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How to pick the location for your LL.M.?

Undertaking an LL.M. is a fantastic chance to discover a new culture and to broaden your horizons. With so many places to choose from, though, it can be hard to narrow your choices.


There are a few things you must consider however in order to make an informed decision you will be happy with. Are you looking for an experience abroad, or simply to get into the best law school for your specialization?


Something to keep in mind is the ever-so-precious language skills. Being able to speak a second or third language; never mind understanding a text of law or practicing in another tongue – is a huge plus. It will make your CV all the more attractive. Most people immediately think of English and going to Anglo-Saxon countries to undertake their LL.M. but you could decide to study in Paris, Rome or Berlin.  


Another important factor to consider when addressing location is the distance from home. I think we can all agree that getting some distance from home is healthy and should always be encouraged. However, everyone is not prepared to fly hundreds of miles away from their friends and family. Think about whether you will be all right dealing with the stress of papers and exams without the comfort of home.


If you live on Paradise Island or you think there’s no better place than home, you may even decide you want to do distance learning for your LL.M. Of course with this option you would be missing out on a serious opportunity to network and meet new people.


You may also be interested in studying in incredible looking law schools. If what you are looking for is studying in an old building with a rich history then you may be interested in studying at Northwestern University School of Law in Illinois. The University of Connecticut School of Law may also be your place of choice if you want to embrace hundreds of years of legal education.






If on the other hand architectural oddities tickle your fancy, you may want to have a look at the Penn State School of Law, University of Baltimore, Washington School of Law or the Faculty of Law in Sydney.









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Perhaps the most important thing to remember about location though is that it really is not the most important thing. Unless you are studying an LL.M. in maritime law, in which case you would be better off picking somewhere coastal.


Instead spend your energy on asking yourself where you want to take your career, about your subject interests, rather than whether your life will resemble an intense and dreadful sequel of Beverly Hills, with less lighting and drama.