LL.M. Spring Tour: take four!

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The LL.M. Spring Tour: take four!

Our previous tours have gathered a staggering 500 candidates. Our partner universities were all unanimous as to the quality and variety of the profiles they met.


With 77% of multinational companies claiming that they would rather hire a candidate who possesses an LL.M. degree, it would seem that this specialized Master’s might be the best route towards an international legal career. Autonomy, curiosity, flexibility, adaptability, high potential, demanding, open-minded, organised, knowledgeable… It isn’t surprising this degree appeals to recruiters! Above just being an extra line on a C.V., an LL.M. is an incredible Human experience. That being said, it is also the holy grail when it comes to boosting your career!


This event is open to legal professionals as well as students. Obtaining an LL.M. degree is also the gateway towards a promotion within your current enterprise or firm, as well as better prospective earnings.


The LL.M. Spring Tour is an incredible opportunity to meet deans of admission of international and prestigious universities. Candidates participating in this event will see discounts on their tuition fees and have their application fees waved off. All students joining us on the tour will automatically qualify for student bursaries and sponsorships.


This year we will be travelling to:

  • London (March 20th)
  • Paris (March 21st)
  • Amsterdam (March 22nd)


So what are you waiting for? Join us this Spring!


Registration is free but mandatory - http://llmtour.fyllm.com/