Law Students are you ready to legal up?

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Law Students are you ready to legal up?

It's not easy knowing what you want to do after a first law degree. Whether you're still unsure about doing an LL.M. or are already on the third draft of your personal statement, the LL.M. Tour is an incredible opportunity to meet professors, deans of admission and alumni of international universities, in a stress-free environment.


The LL.M. fall tour is a great way for those wishing to receive information about different programs across the world -

They event will not only provide a chance to hear more about what these programs have to offer but also an opportunity to access inside information from admissions representatives. Many schools will not only be offering scholarship opportunities but also tuition fee discounts and helping students with externships and internships. 


Why sign up for the LL.M. event? -


  1. Meet face to face with admissions directors and network with alumni from the world’s top grad schools
  2. Get a chance to apply for scholarships worth $1 million+ in scholarships available (for participants who register & attend the event)
  3. Discount on your tuition fees & waiver of your application fees
  4. Benefit from coaching session for your LL.M. application
  5. Get your CV & Cover letter reviewed by our experts


So what are you waiting for? Join us this Spring!