Paris Event Review - Attending An LL.M Abroad

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Paris Event Review - Attending An LL.M Abroad

The fourth edition of the event “Attending An LL.M Abroad” organized by Ernst & Young Société d’Avocats, la Grande Ecole du Droit and Find your LL.M. in Paris on September the 28th, 2015 where more than 150 selected law students came to get advised about their LL.M project. (video here)

The LL.M program directors from four universities (Georgetown University, Golden Gate University, Queen Mary University London and Sorbonne-Assas University Paris 2) attended the conference to introduce their programs. During the round-table session, they discussed the specificities of their programs: program’s characteristics, financing options and career path.

Alumni from Washington University, Edinburgh, Georgetown, Fordham and Sorbonne-Assas also talked about their experience in their LL.M year abroad and answered several questions from future LL.M students.

Find below some of the answers of the most popular student interrogations during the event:

Do I need a working experience to apply for an LL.M?

• Most of the LL.M programs such as Golden Gate do not require job experience, but it can be a plus if you have worked in the specific field when applying the LL.M in this specialization. (Leslie Burton, Golden Gate)

• There is a trend that the French students would like to take their LL.M immediately after their first degree without working experience. When to attend an LL.M depends on your career plans  and financial situation. (Caryn Voland, Georgetown)

Should I choose a General LL.M or a Specialized LL.M?

• Queen Mary provides a suite of 22 LL.M programs. The General LL.M has a wider extension, but the specialized ones are more specific and focused. No matter what kind of LL.M you are going to take, choose the one that fits your needs. (Maxi Scherer, Queen Mary)

What can the universities offer us?

• The LL.M program of Sorbonne-Assas is an innovative program that cooperated with INSEAD. The students studying in Paris campus will have a one-month study in Singapore and vice versa. You have the opportunity to broaden networks with elite MBA students from all over the world. (Stephane Braconnier, Sorbonne-Assas)

• We have three clinics on campus. Under the supervision of professors, you can meet clients and present in court. The clinic hours are accepted by the California Bar. We also provide training courses for the Bar in California, New York and other states, as well as classes to help you looking for internships and jobs. (Leslie Burton, Golden Gate)

• Queen Mary has a center only for post study. Our staff will help you with career planning.  We hold alumni networking events every year to invite our international alumni to come back to school, and they are very happy to be contacted and offer help. (Anna Gray, Queen Mary)

• Besides the staff working for LL.M programs and the global network, we also provide the possibility to shift your specializations. This means that when you find interest in another field, you can change the LL.M specialization. (Caryn Voland, Georgetown)

Is it possible for me to work abroad after my LL.M?

• The career abroad is difficult, but not impossible. The key is to enter the competitive market. There are students in Sorbonne-Assas who found internships in Singapore and other Asian countries. (Stephane Braconnier, Sorbonne-Assas)

• Legal careers in the US are not easy. LL.M can give French lawyers the opportunity to work for international law firms. The LL.M graduates can have one year Optional Practical Training after study. They are probably hired to work in the US, or sent to work in offices in Europe. There is a French student who went back to France after his study in Georgetown, then he got a position in the US through the network he built during his LL.M year. (Caryn Voland, Georgetown)

• The legal system in the UK is quite different from that of the US, but it is totally possible to get an internship in the UK.  (Maxi Scherer, Queen Mary)

How much is the tuition, and how can I finance the budget?

• It will cost 17,000€ to take the LL.M in International Business, which cooperas with INSEAD. For the Paris Bar Students, the price is 15,000€. (Stephane Braconnier, Sorbonne-Assas)

• The tuition for Queen Mary LL.M program is around 12,600£. There is a partial scholarship for the program in Paris. It is possible for the students to be supported by law firms, and get a paid job after their graduation. (Maxi Scherer, Queen Mary)

• Golden Gate LL.M’s tution is 38,000$. Scholarships and financial aid based on merit and need are available for qualified candidates. (Leslie Burton, Golden Gate)

• For Georgetown, the LL.M’s tution is 55,000$. It will cost you around 25,000$ a year for living. (Caryn Voland, Georgetown)

Should I take the US Bar?

• There is a lot of independent work to do, so make sure that you really want to take it. (Astrid Danel, Edingburgh University Alumna)

• For some, sitting the bar is really not easy or fun, especially with the limited time to prepare. (Pierre Delassis, University of Washington Alumnus)

•  I did not take the French Bar, so I sat the New York Bar. The preparation took me a lot of time. If you want to work in an American Law Firm, then you need it, but it is not a must if you are going to come back to France. (Alizee Dill, Fordham University Alumna)

How to choose the selective courses?

• Discover which are the best courses for you. Visit the professors and ask for advice before you make your decision. (Pauline Pierre, Georgetown University Alumna)

• Ask the former students about the professors and the classes. They will give you some suggestions. (Alizee Dill, Fordham University Alumna)

We hope this inofrmaiton was useful and that you could find all the advice you were looking for.

You haven’t been able to attend this event? Don’t worry, there’s more coming up!

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page,” said Saint Augustine. Now begins your journey with Find your LL.M.!

- Cecile ZHENG