Summer Course 2017 - Singapore

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International Finance & Corporate Law Summer Course

The summer courses, delivered by Sorbonne-Assas International Law School, have been created to introduce master level, LLB and professionals to International Finance and Corporate legal aspects.


This unique 3-week course will allow participants from all over the world to understand various practices related to the International corporate structures, financial structures, commitment papers, and tax law with a legal practitioner’s perspectives in Asia. The Sorbonne-Assas International Law School Singapore campus is located in INSEAD Business School campus. This Summer Program is also an opportunity to discover the city of Singapore.


July 3 to July 21 2017 - Singapore 



CORPORATE STRUCTURES IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES IN ASIA – 17 PUBLIC CPD POINTS: Key clauses and negotiations of sale and purchase agreement, distribution agreement, license agreement together with loan agreements. CORPORATE STRUCTURE AND M&A: Comparison of various structures, due diligence, structuring a deal taking into accounts tax, IP, HR and the pro and cons of setting up different types of legal entities (wholly-owned enterprise, joint venture, representative office and/or branch) across various jurisdictions in the region using different case studies.



INTERNATIONAL FINANCING: A LEGAL PRACTITIONER'S PERSPECTIVE - 11 PUBLIC CPD POINTS: In manufacturing, production and the infrastructure sector. This course will allow the attendees to examine various practices related to structuring, documentation and execution of structured finance and derivatives transactions. 

International finance introduction and commitment papers:

 - Credit Agreement workshop

- Subordination; Subordinated Debt

- Inter-creditor and other issues




Over the past decade, Financial Derivatives and Securitization, have played an important role in facilitating access to affordable financing from capital markets. Structured Finance and derivatives’ lawyers are often involved in projects including, energy finance projects, aircraft financing, hedging and sometimes off-balance sheet financing. This course will allow the attendees to examine various practices related to structuring, documentation and execution of structured finance and derivatives transactions. It will also provide the participants with the tools to analyze and apply risk management techniques and Derivatives such as Options, Credit Default Swaps and other instruments that form the building blocks of modern structured finance


The Summer Course comprises 3 standalone seminars. Participants can choose to sign up for any or all of the following seminars:

• Seminar 1: Corporate structures in different countries in Asia From 3rd to 7th July 2017 – C. Bérubé – 17 hours

• Seminar 2: International financing: a legal practitioner’s perspective From 10th to 14th July 2017) – T. Fourteau – 11 hours

• Seminar 3: International Structured Finance and Derivatives From 17th to 21st July 2017 – M. Dafir – 12 hours


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