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The Kline School of Law gives graduates of international law programs an unparalleled immersion in the American legal system and the knowledge and skills to practice law in the U.S.

In 2017, International Jurist recognized, the quality of our programs for internationals attorneys, giving the Kline school of Law a grade of "A+."


Kline is a welcoming and diverse community where classes are small and professors are available to meet individually with students, creating an ideal place to master American law.


Our unique Co-op Externship program provides an opportunity to work alongside experienced legal professionals in a variety of settings in Piladelphia, home to one of the nation's most vibrant legal communities.


Kline’s high quality and innovative programs reflect Drexel University’s stature as an undisputed leader in experiential learning since it was founded in 1891.





The Kline School of Law offers more than experiential learning – it provides a thorough immersion in the practice of law. Here, students gain hundreds of hours of experience in working in law firms, government agencies, corporate offices, the courts and public interest organizations, entering the workforce with confidence and know-how.



Our professors are respected scholars and practitioners who are approachable and connected, as eager to help students navigate the legal community as they are to explain the fine points of law.



This is a welcoming, inclusive and collaborative community, where students and faculty pursue their goals with passion and integrity. And this is an uncommonly pioneering and adaptive school, wholeheartedly embracing and entrepreneurship and innovation at a University well known for revolutionizing higher education. No wonder International Jurist in 2017 gave the school's LLM in American Legal Practice and Global JD programs an "A+."



Drexel University has been a pioneer in higher education for 125 years and is a recognized leader in experiential learning. In keeping with that tradition, the Kline School of Law embraces entrepreneurship and innovation, nurturing and supporting faculty and students who expand the boundaries of the law.



Our co-opsclinicspro bono service opportunities and nationally ranked Trial Advocacy program offer each student an unparalleled opportunity to gain experience in the legal profession before you even graduate.




Tuition: $35,880


Intakes: September


Duration: 12 months 

The LL.M



The LL.M. program capitalizes on the law school's relationships with hundreds of externship partners in the Philadelphia area that include major corporations, global law firms, boutique intellectual property law firms, a variety of government agencies and federal and state courts.


The LL.M. is a 24-credit program that professionals who hold law degrees from accredited institutions outside of the U.S. complete in a single academic year. LL.M. students can focus their studies in designated track options or work with faculty to develop an individualized course of study suited to their own professional goals.

Our LL.M. co-op externship allows students who have a strong facility in English and have demonstrated success in the classroom to work inside a corporation, a law firm, a judicial office or a government agency, under the supervision of an attorney. Participating students spend up to two days each week gaining hands-on exposure to the practice of law, receiving one-on-one guidance from accomplished attorneys.


Every LL.M. student works with a faculty advisor to design a curriculum unique to his or her own interests and then gets matched with a J.D. student partner to navigate both the law school community and Philadelphia.


Our flexible curriculum allows LL.M students to build a personalized curriculum taking advantage of the law school's diverse and dynamic course offerings OR to pursue one of the following track options:


* Business and Commercial Law

* Intellectual Property Law

* International Law

* U.S. Bar Exam Preparation



Philadelphia, the second-largest city on the East Coast, is within a two-hour train ride of New York City and Washington, D.C. The Drexel campus is located adjacent to the University of Pennsylvania in a lively neighborhood called University City, yet it's so close to downtown that students can walk to their externship offices in Center City.


An affordable city, Philadelphia offers a huge variety of galleries, museums, performing arts venues, athletic arenas, historic sites and the nation's largest municipal park. The populations features a wide range of nationalities and ethnic groups, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Dominican, Colombian, Liberian, Nigerian, Trinidadian, Jamaican, Haitian, Egyptian, Iraqi, Saudi and Syrian communities.


Philadelphia's nearby International House sponsors many multicultural programs and activities in the arts and humanities.



Student Life


LL.M. students take part in the life of the law school, which hosts dozens upon dozens of discussions, conferences and other events every semester. The events are often sponsored by student organizations with interests in business law, intellectual property law, international law and other topics. They provide an additional opportunity to learn more about legal topics, professional practice and career strategies, while enabling students to socialize with other members of the law school community.


Entry Requirements



LL.M. students must have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in law.


All applicants must submit:


* a personal essay expressing their interest in the program
* two letters of recommendation
* an academic transcript verified by the LSDAS or an external service
* TOEFL of at least an 88 or IELTS score of 6.5 or higher




Students who do not meet admission requirements due to a lack of English language proficiency may be accepted conditionally and required to complete a language-intensive course prior to admission.



Application Procedure


The deadline is April 15th. Details on the application process are available here: