Golden Gate University School of Law (GGU Law)

Golden Gate University School of Law (GGU Law)


Located in the heart of San Francisco, Golden Gate University School of Law offers a diverse, cutting-edge, & personalized learning experience for the lawyers of tomorrow!


For more than a century, GGU Law has been dynamic, flexible, and supportive law school committed to serving students and helping them succeed. With small classes and dedicated teams for student support and career development, GGU Law features personalized attention and outstanding opportunities for academic success and professional development.


Our downtown San Francisco location is vibrant and bustling, offering a rich array of real-world opportunities and unmatched access to courts, law firms, advocacy organizations, and government agencies. GGU Law students engage in pro bono and other legal work under the supervision of practicing lawyers and the guidance of thoughtful and experienced professors. Because of this, you will find GGU Law alumni in all areas of legal practice- as state and federal judges, renowned litigators, civil rights attorneys, and partners in major law firms.


GGU Law’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, combined with its high academic standards and compassionate teaching, make for a superior law school education!


Admissions Overview

Law is more than a career, it's a calling. GGU Law seeks diverse applicants who share a passion for learning real world skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. Our student body includes both professionals and recent graduates from more than 100 undergraduate and graduate institutions.


For more than a century, GGU Law's interdisciplinary focus on legal education has emphasized experiential learning, an approach that produces creative, socially responsible practitioners. Our location in heart of downtown San Francisco provides our students with unmatched access to courts, law firms, advocacy organizations and government agencies.


GGU Law is committed to preparing its graduates to serve their professional, local, and global communities and to contribute to the common good of society. The law school promotes academic excellence, knowledge, value, and skills to achieve this commitment. In selecting students for its JD Program, GGU Law considers the intellectual ability and aptitude that will enable its students to achieve personal excellence and contribute to the intellectual and social life of the institution. GGU Law considers all aspects of an applicant's background, such as work experience, community service, and leadership skills as well as the overall diversity of the entering class.


Diversity is a core value of the law school and a longstanding part of its mission. GGU Law seeks to admit students of different races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ages, as well as persons with disabilities. Diversity of background, experience and viewpoint among the law school student body is essential to the full and informed exchange of ideas and adds greatly to the quality of legal education. Further, diversity prepares the law school graduate to better represent a multitude of groups and interests and to serve the common good.

Summer Programs

Summer Trial & Evidence Program (1st Step)

The Litigation Center presents its Summer Trial and Evidence Program (1st STEP), an integrated summer litigation curriculum for students who recently completed their first year of law school.


Over 8 weeks (7-week summer session plus 1 intensive immersion week), 1st STEP includes a full, 4-credit evidence course specifically tethered to advocacy instruction and skills and theater training.


For more information about the program:

Scholarships & Financial Aid

GGU Law administers a full range of programs including scholarships, federal work study, federal loans and private loans to help students fund their legal education.


Financing Your Education

  • All applicants to GGU Law are automatically considered for merit scholarship awards. Entering merit scholarships include full-tuition Dean's Scholarships and partial-tuition Faculty Scholarships awarded in varying amounts.
  • GGU Law proudly participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, a provision of the Post-9/11 GI Bill (which is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) ).
  • The California Scholars Program awards special scholarships to select graduates of California's public university systems. All applicants from UC and CSU campuses are automatically considered for these awards.
  • Our Public Interest Scholars Program and Environmental Law Scholars Program award special scholarships to qualified applicants pursuing careers in public interest or environmental law.


View Detailed Information on Financial Aid Programs

Tuition & Fees

2016 - 2017 Academic Year (Fall 2016 Through Summer 2017)

LLM Tuition: $1,600 per unit


Recurring Miscellaneous Fees

Fees Per Semester (Non-refundable after instruction for term begins)



Materials - LL.M Students


Student Bar Association (LLM Int'l & LLM US Legal; Fall & Spring only)



Fees Per Occurrence

Application for Admission - LL.M Students


Acceptance Deposit (applied to tuition) - LLM Tax Program


Deferred Payment Plan Fees:

Installment Payment Fee

Corporate Reimbursement Payment Plan Fee

Late Payment Fee

Late Payment Finance Charge (per month)






Late Registration Fee


Returned Check Service Charge


Technology Fee (per semester; reversible according to applicable withdrawal policy)


Transcript Express Delivery Fee - U.S. Address


Transcript Request - Online through the National Student Clearinghouse (per copy + $2.25 per address)


Transcript Request - Offline (per copy)


Duplicate Diploma Fee


Student ID Replacement Fee



International Students

International Student Services Fee (per term)



Permanent Special Materials Fees


FEES PER COURSE (Non-refundable after instruction for term begins)

Course Number



LAW 899K

Competition: ABA National Appellate Advocacy


LAW 899J

Competition: Advanced Mock Trial


LAW 899I

Competition: Environmental Law Moot Court


LAW 899N

Competition: Environmental Negotiation Competition


LAW 899T

Competition: IP (Saul Lefkowitz) Moot Court


LAW 899M

Competition: Jessup International Law Moot Court


LAW 899G

Competition: Mock Trial


LAW 899S

Competition: Outer Space Moot Court


LAW 899E

Competition: Traynor Moot Court


LAW 899W

Competition: Williams Institute Nat'l Sexual Orientation Moot Court


LAW 898A

Criminal Litigation


LAW 815G



LAW 863

Practical Legal Writing


LAW 863E

Early Bar Prep


Law Library

Whether you need assistance with a class assignment, in-depth research, or assistance in finding material either in print or online, the law librarians at Golden Gate University Law Library are here to help!


The library's holdings include comprehensive series of case law, statutes, digests, encyclopedias, periodicals and treatises dealing with American law, a strong tax collection, microforms collections, government documents collections, and a growing body of work in environmental law, law and literature, and international law.


The law library's primary mission is to serve the students, faculty, and staff of the GGU School of Law specifically, and the GGU community, generally. We assist with expert legal research, publication, and with educational and curricular needs.


The Law and Business Libraries are open to Golden Gate University students, faculty, staff, and select other groups. Generally, all patrons entering the Library must use a current Golden Gate University ID or access card to enter through the security gate. Law students will have priority during finals on the Law Library Plaza and Basement floors generally, for quiet study space.

Disability Services

Golden Gate University School of Law is committed to achieving equal educational opportunity and full participation for persons with disabilities. It is the Law School's policy that enrolled students who have disabilities shall be given reasonable accommodations in compliance with state and federal laws.


Disability Services coordinates accommodations for students with all types of disabilities, including temporary injuries or conditions. 


Accommodations for students with disabilities, such as modifications, auxiliary aids, or services, are considered on a case-by-case basis. Some examples are: electronic texts, course notes, recording devices, reader and transcription services, exam accommodations, interpreters, and real-time captioners.

Students seeking disability accommodations should begin the verification process as early as possible. See New Requests for Accommodations below.



If you would like to request accommodations for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) or the Bar Exam, you should consult with the Assistant Director for Law Student Support about the application process early in your legal education.


Students are encouraged to apply well in advance of the deadline in order to allow sufficient time for any necessary appeal.


General information can be found at these links:

Academic Resources

These services and resources support law students during their time at GGU. One of the services, The Office of Law Student Support, provides academic and personal guidance to students and acts as liaison between students, faculty and other administrators.


At Golden Gate University, we believe that the core skills essential to passing the bar exam are many of the same skills required to be successful in law school and in the practice of law. Students who acquire these skills early in their legal education and continually hone these skills during law school will undoubtedly perform at a much higher level in law school, on the bar exam, and in practice. To achieve this end, we offer students a pathway to success that begins from their first day of law school to the day they take the bar exam.




1. Legal Literacy (Active Learning & Reading)

The ability to concentrate, read and listen closely, note relevant details, and understand the key points or legal significance in readings or discussion.


2. Self-Reliance / Self-Monitoring

The ability, with initial guidance and support from professors, to assess one's own preparation and performance and identify areas for improvement. To possess the confidence in one's own ability to pick up any topic of law and learn it.


3. Synthesis

The ability to take a large amount of information consisting of reading material, class notes, and other course-related material, and distill it down to an analytical framework or "roadmap" of reasonable length.


4. Analysis through Practice

The ability to perform thorough legal analysis (i.e. applying facts to law while examining alternative arguments) with the use of IRAC through repetition and practice.

International Applicants who apply to LLM/SJD

GGU Law ranked in the TOP 12 US LAW SCHOOLS for practical training nation-wide in 2015, according to the National Jurist (up from the Top 20 in 2014). GGU Law invites qualified applicants from around the globe to expand and enhance their education in the heart of San Francisco.


Application Requirements

• Application form, application fee, personal statement and transcripts in accordance with ourLLM or SJD application requirements.

• Official TOEFL score report sent to GGU Law directly from the testing agency as detailed below or through LSAC.

• Official Certification of Finances form with bank seal and accompanying documents.

• Read more about the LLM admissions process on the LSAC website.

• Have a question? Read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.


GGU Law requires a complete and detailed report, including course breakdown, grade evaluation, and degree equivalency. A report of basic equivalency is insufficient information.


We recommend that LLM and SJD applicants from other nations bring with them an extra copy of their official transcripts of undergraduate and law studies as well as any official documents they have received from the courts or bar associations of their home country indicating that they have been admitted to practice law in that country. These documents are not required for admission to the LLM and SJD programs but may prove useful in obtaining employment or applying to sit for a bar exam in one of several U.S. states. Students planning to prepare for a bar examination may need a transcript evaluation by an independent agency. This evaluation can be completed after students arrive to begin the LLM or SJD programs.

English Proficiency

Applicants who received their degrees outside the United States must satisfy the Admissions Committee of the proficiency of their English language abilities. An official TOEFL score report sent directly from the Education Testing Service (ETS) to the appropriate program at GGU Law satisfies this requirement. Visit the TOEFL Website.


  • The TOEFL Institution Code for Golden Gate University is 4329
  • The TOEFL Department Code for the School of Law is 03


Applicants must receive a minimum TOEFL score of 580 Paper-based test (PBT), or 92 Internet-based test (iBT) for the LLM (Master of Laws) Programs in U.S. Legal Studies, International Legal Studies, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Taxation, and the SJD (Doctorate) Program in International Legal Studies.


TOEFL Practice Online is a community for test takers preparing for the next generation TOEFL test, or anyone wishing to improve their academic English skills. This is the ONLY website that has official test material from the new TOEFL test that will assess these language skills: Listening, Writing, Reading, Speaking. By becoming a member you can access helpful information, discussion boards, sample responses from a speaking test, and purchase a practice test and practice questions. TOEFL Practice Online Website.


GGU Law accepts International English Language Testing (IELTS) scores. Students need about Level 6.5 to be admitted to the LLM (Master of Laws) Programs and the SJD (Doctorate) Program in International Legal Studies.

How to Apply

You may submit your application to the LLM or SJD program through LSAC, which is the preferred method, or you may complete the paper application (LLM Application | SJD Application) and send it (signed and dated) to the following U.S. mailing address:


Golden Gate University School of Law
Graduate Law Programs
536 Mission Street, Suite 3300
San Francisco, CA, USA 94105-2968


To have a LLM or SJD application form mailed to you, email

Application Requirements

In order to be considered for GGU Law's LLM Programs, LLM candidates must hold a law degree from a law school or university. Students may tailor a program to their needs by attending full-time or part-time.


Fall semester classes are scheduled August to December, and spring semester classes are scheduled January to May. A summer session runs from May to July, with most classes held in the evening. LLM students may enter the program in the fall (August), spring (January), or summer (late May). SJD students may enter the program in the fall (August).

• Credit Transfers

Units from a JD program or from any non-law school program cannot be transferred into an LLM program. Up to six units from an ABA-approved LLM program may be applicable to an LLM program at GGU Law if the student has earned grades of at least B- (2.50 GPA). Permission of the GGU Law LLM Program Director is required.


Students who have taken LLM program courses while attending the GGU Law JD Program may apply up to nine units to an LLM program (up to twelve units for the LLM in Taxation Law Program). All units transferred must be approved by the LLM Program Director or the Graduate Law Programs Administrative Director.


• Multiple Degrees

Students earning an LLM from GGU Law may apply to that program up to six units of coursework in another GGU Law LLM program. Consent of the Program Director is required to apply coursework from another program.


• Application Deadlines

Deadlines for filing an LLM application are:


  • July 1 is the preferred deadline for starting the program in the fall (August) but later applications will be considered if space is available.
  • November 1 is the preferred deadline for starting the program in the spring (January) but later applications will be considered if space is available.
  • April 1 is the preferred deadline for starting the program in the summer (late May) but later applications will be considered if space is available.

Late applications will be considered if program space permits. International law students seeking visas to enter the U.S. should apply well in advance of these deadlines to allow time for visa processing: By May 15 for a fall (August) start date, by October 1 for a spring (January) start date, and by March 1 for a summer (late May) start date.


Visa Deadlines:

International law students seeking visas to enter the U.S. should apply well in advance of these deadlines to allow time for visa processing: By May 15 for a fall (August) start date, by October 1 for a spring (January) start date, and by March 1 for a summer (late May) start date.


• Application Requirements & Process

No decision will be rendered until the application and all supporting documents have been received. Additional information for international students can be found here.

Application. Apply Online through the Law School Admission Council or download and print the LLM Application.



All documents should be sent to:

Graduate Law Programs
Golden Gate University School of Law
536 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105-2968


Application Fee

An application fee is not required from current GGU Law students and alumni. For all other applicants, a fee of $60 must accompany the program application. Please make your check or money order payable to Golden Gate University. Or to have your application fee charged to your credit card, download and complete the Credit Card Authorization Form and include it with your application.


LLM Personal Statement

The personal statement allows an applicant to present credentials in non-statistical terms and may include the reasons for seeking the degree. Of interest to the admissions committee are the applicant's experiences as a student or practitioner in the subject area of the specific LLM program. The applicant is encouraged to describe the impact of these experiences on his or her decision to undertake graduate legal study. The statement should be in narrative rather than résumé form. It should be typed and no longer than three double-spaced, 8.5x11 inch (or A4) pages.


Law School Transcripts

Official transcripts from all law schools attended must be submitted. From U.S. institutions, official, original transcripts must be sent directly by the institution. From non-U.S. institutions, applicants must provide an original or certified true copy of academic records for each year of study. These records must be in the original language issued. If not in English, a certified English translation must also be provided. Academic records should be sent directly by the institution. If included with the applicant's documents, academic records should be in an official, sealed envelope from the institution.



An interview is not required but may be scheduled upon request.


• Online Status Check

GGU Law provides Online Status Check through the LSAC website. Once an application is received by the Admissions Office, the applicant will receive a confirmation email which will include a unique username and password for access to Online Status Check.

Master of Laws (LL.M)

Theory meets practice: GGU Law's interdisciplinary focus on legal study emphasizes practical skills training and experiential learning. Students gain vital practical training through our diverse externships, award-winning on-site legal clinics, and other unique programs.


A Master of Laws (LL.M) is the degree that follows the JD, LLB, or equivalent degree. The program enables law graduates to continue their studies, to specialize or - in the case of foreign-educated lawyers - to qualify to take a bar exam in the U.S.


At GGU, we offer five award-winning LLM programs. The Recorder, a regional legal newspaper, listed the GGU Graduate Law program as the "Best LLM Program in California." TaxTalent ranked our Tax LLM among the Top 10 programs in the U.S. The National Jurist awarded GGU Law an "A+" grade for its innovative curriculum focused on practical training, and ranked GGU as 11th in the top 20 most ethnically diverse campuses in the U.S.


Our LLM programs offer great flexibility, accepting entering students in the fall (August), spring (January), or summer (May) semester, and allowing students to complete the program on a full or part-time basis. The full-time day program usually takes approximately one year, and the part-time program two years.


More about each of the LLM programs can be found by following the links below. Applications to all programs are accepted through the Law School Admissions Council's website (preferred) or by completing a paper application.

LL.M in Taxation Law

The LL.M Taxation program is now in its fourth decade, boasting a network of more than one thousand graduates. GGU Law's Taxation LLM has been ranked as The Best Tax LLM in California by TaxTalent for the past three years, and it is consistently recognized as among the top graduate tax programs nationally for training in taxation, estate planning, and elder care. Faculty members include tax practitioners from well-respected law firms, counsel from the IRS, and judges from the US Tax Court and the Alameda Superior Court.


Program Highlights

Over three decades of enhancing the profession with successful tax and estate planning attorneys. Professors are recognized tax professionals in the private and public sectors, including federal and state taxing authorities, businesses, and law and accounting firms of all sizes. Faculty includes professionals from the Internal Revenue Service; Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP; Morgan Stanley, Schiff Hardin, LLP, and Winston & Strawn, LLP, among others.


National & Regional Recognition

Repeatedly ranked by Tax Talent, a national network of tax employers and tax professionals, among the top 10 LLM Tax programs nationwide, and it is the highest ranking of any California Tax LLM program. Consistently listed in The Recorder's "Best LLM Programs in California."



Transfer 12 qualifying units from ABA-accredited JD or other LLM programs. Graduate in one semester with transfer credits. Earn a Certificate in Estate Planning as part of the 24-unit degree requirement. Rolling admissions for fall, spring and summer.

LL.M in International Legal Studies

The LL.M in International Law program offers in-depth coverage of specialized areas of international and comparative law. The program explores the interaction among the legal, cultural, sociological, and business activities of the various regions of the world.


Program Highlights

Golden Gate University School of Law (GGU Law) offers a wide array of courses in public and private international law, comparative legal systems, international economic law, international investment law, international organizations, international human rights law, and dispute resolution.


The LLM in International Legal Studies program is both academic and practical. At its core, the LLM program provides students with knowledge of the fundamental principles of international law and the current rules that govern their application. The curriculum reaches beyond rules, however, to examine the effects of various cultural practices and national policies on international trade, human rights, and the environment. In addition, courses trace the development of international and regional organizations and treaties that govern multinational issues. Students are exposed to practical applications of negotiating skills and to different methods of international dispute settlement.


Every April, GGU Law hosts the Annual Fulbright Symposium on Current International Legal Issues concurrently with the Regional Meeting of the American Society of International Law.

Law at GGU

GGU Law has trained savvy, creative, and socially responsible practitioners for more than 100 years. Our dynamic urban setting in San Francisco's legal district offers our students unmatched access to courts, law firms, and key government agencies.


Golden Gate University School of Law is fully accredited by the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of  the American Bar Association (ABA), 321 N. Clark ST., Chicago, IL 60654-7598, 312-988-6738; and the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State of California and is a member in good standing of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS). Golden Gate University is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). Graduates qualify to take the bar exam in all 50 states and in the District of Columbia.


We at Golden Gate University School of Law believe that law is an honorable and valuable profession worthy of the public trust.


Our goal is to prepare our students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders, with the flexibility to respond to changes in the legal profession. To that end, we blend practical skills training with legal theory throughout the curriculum as we strive for excellence in both teaching and scholarship.


Our mission is to produce a diverse group of graduates with the skill, judgment, and moral compass to become exceptional lawyers and socially responsible members of the global community.


The ethic we share at Golden Gate University School of Law is that lawyering is an honorable profession, worthy of the public trust. Toward that end, we provide students with a solid foundation in legal theory and the skills necessary to be a successful practitioner.


JD students develop professional skills through a variety of programs including: clinics, certificates of specialization, the Honors Lawyering Program, joint degrees, and more.


You will be taught by an accomplished, diverse faculty who practiced law before teaching. They are experts in a wide range of legal areas -- from litigation to labor law, corporate law to criminal law, property development to public interest law, environmental law to entertainment law, international law to intellectual property law -- and much more. Our student-to-teacher ratio is 19:1, and our professors are committed to being accessible to students.


Golden Gate has a special commitment to public interest law. In addition to a strong public interest law curriculum, the School of Law offers financial assistance to students who pursue careers in public interest law, and our in-house clinics provide legal assistance to underrepresented populations.


You will practice law in a complex world. Golden Gate students reflect a wide variety of ages; work experience; and cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Our more than 20 student organizations address the many interests of our diverse student population. Golden Gate's 1,000 law students include working professionals and recent college graduates from more than 100 undergraduate and graduate institutions. They come from across the United States and from a number of foreign nations and represent a wide spectrum of ethnic, economic, and cultural backgrounds.


Our Law Career Development Office provides you with ongoing support from the time you enter law school through graduation.

LL.M in US Legal Studies

Golden Gate University (GGU) provides a very flexible LL.M program. It provides core training in United States law for foreign attorneys and law graduates with an option to prepare taking a state bar examination. Alternatively, interested students may opt to concentrate in a particular area of US law (See Program Highlights below for details). Students have the freedom to pursue customized study plans and to choose the courses or programs that are most advantageous to their goals. Students may start the program in August, January, or June.

Program Highlights

The program is flexible. Students in the LLM in US Legal Studies Program can study core US law, prepare for the bar, or focus on one of the specialties listed below. Students have a lot of choices among courses.




For each concentration, students must successfully complete the concentration course requirements. All concentration coursework must be completed before graduation. The diploma and transcript will list all concentrations that were successfully completed.

LL.M in Environmental Law

The program blends academic study, writing, and practical skills training with a broad range of environmental law courses. Students work closely with faculty and practicing attorneys in researching, investigating, and preparing publishable papers on leading environmental issues.


Students may also gain practical experience by participating in the Environmental Law & Justice Clinic and placements at local environmental organizations and governmental agencies.


Program Highlights

View the Environmental Law Programs Brochure


The program provides students opportunities to work with attorneys in the field. GGU's Environmental Law and Justice Clinic allows students to work with full-time attorneys in an award-winning setting on important cases addressing environmental justice. The Externship in Environmental Law Program allows students to work in the field with supervising attorneys at governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and private law firms. Through the Externship Program, students have worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, California Attorney Generals Office, the California Public Utilities Commission, Earthjustice, and Communities for a Better Environment, among others.

LL.M in Estate Planning

Golden Gate University School of Law is the only law school in the western United States that offers a LLM in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law. Course offerings reflect both the technical and people oriented nature of this practice area as well the need for practical experiential learning.


Students are taught by practicing attorneys and judges with many opportunities for clerkships and externships with Bay Area law firms and Superior Court Probate Departments. Graduates of this program will be fully capable of starting and running their own practices or sought after as highly trained associates for established firms.


Program Highlights

Golden Gate University School of Law is the only law school in the western United States that offers a LLM in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law. The program has an unparalleled array of course offerings and is designed to be compatible with the State Bar of California Legal Specialist Certification Program.


Demand for skilled attorneys in this practice area has grown substantially and is predicted to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Course offerings reflect both the technical and people oriented nature of this practice area as well the need for practical experiential learning. Students are taught by practicing attorneys and judges with many opportunities for clerkships and externships with Bay Area law firms and Superior Court Probate Departments. Graduates of this program will be fully capable of starting and running their own practices or sought after as highly trained associates for established firms.

LL.M in Intellectual Property Law

The LL.M Intellectual Property program provides up-to-date instruction in such areas as biotechnology law, internet and software law, and content licensing for the Web.


Program Highlights

Students delve deeply into the areas of patent, trademark, and copyright law; draft agreements and litigation documents; and learn negotiating tips and strategies. The curriculum includes both domestic and international IP law courses, and offers an unprecedented level of instruction in legal issues relating to the creative arts with courses in entertainment, sports, and art law.


The Intellectual Property Law Center promotes excellence in teaching and scholarship through a variety of academic and extracurricular programs. It sponsors and develops various activities for students in the local legal community, one of the most robust and sophisticated legal markets for IP law in the world. The IPLC also supports such events as the annual Intellectual Property Law Conference; a Distinguished Intellectual Property Law Speaker Series; periodic academic symposia on cutting-edge IP issues; IP Practitioner Lectures; an IP Mentorship Program; a sponsored IP section in the Law Library; and a Golden Gate Law Alumni/ae in IP Network/Listserv to keep JD and LLM graduates working in IP law apprised of IPLC events and opportunities.

Dean's Welcome

Thank you for your interest in Golden Gate University School of Law’s LL.M. program!


While we know students have many choices when it comes to continuing your legal education, I truly believe GGU Law offers a one-of-a-kind learning experience for LL.M. students. At GGU Law we are committed to serving students as we help them succeed and reach their full potential. With focused, dedicated teams for student support and career development, GGU Law features personalized attention and outstanding opportunities for academic success and continued professional development.


GGU Law LL.M. students get cutting-edge experience learning from reputable professors and practitioners with important connections throughout the legal community. This, combined with our downtown San Francisco location in the booming economic and technological center of the country, offers a rich and unparalleled array of real-world opportunities and unmatched access. Students are steps from courts, law firms, advocacy organizations, government agencies, and the technology and business community.


GGU Law is also extremely proud of its longstanding reputation in tax, intellectual property, and environmental law.  We also feature one of the only S.J.D. programs in the country. These amazing programs and our unmatched access to real-world opportunities draw students from diverse countries around the world. This commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment at GGU Law, combined with its high academic standards and engaged teaching, make for a superior law school education that produces superior lawyers.


I hope you will join me and the entire GGU Law family in San Francisco as we work to not only create better lawyers but a better community and world as well.



Anthony Niedwiecki

                                                                                              Dean & Professor of Law


ABA Disclosures

The following Golden Gate University School of Law fact sheets are taken from the most recent ABA-LSAC Official Guides. Each report provides a brief overview of GGU Law's facilities, faculty, curriculum, student demographics, bar passage rates, tuition and living expenses.


GGU Law - We don’t just teach law. We train lawyers.

Set in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district, GGU Law’s vibrant, intellectually stimulating, and close-knit community offers a unique combination of caring and professionalism that is the hallmark of the school’s faculty, staff, and students.