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Koç University Law School aims to nurture creative and sophisticated lawyers with its content-rich courses in public law, private law, and its core program, which enables students to excel in a variety of disciplines.


Law school students have the opportunity to meet professional lawyers in regular seminars for their academic and career development. Further, exchange programs in partnership with outstanding universities around the world and international internship opportunities are designed to support  international experiences for students. The law school also works to instill professional ethic values in its graduates thus enabling them to work in all fields of law- public or private- without exception.


General Information

Koç University Law School aims to nurture creative and sophisticated lawyers with its content-rich courses in public law, private law, and its core program, which enables students to excel in a variety of disciplines.


Law school students have the opportunity to meet professional lawyers in regular seminars for their academic and career development. Further, exchange programs in partnership with outstanding universities around the world and international internship opportunities are designed to support international experiences for students. The law school also works to instill professional ethic values in its graduates thus enabling them to work in all fields of law- public or private- without exception.

Aim of the LL.M. Programs

In today’s world, where there is a growing need to adopt legal approaches to cope with local as well as global issues, resolving legal controversies require a multi-dimensional perspective based on a conception of different legal disciplines; hence, the lawyer profile who is able to add to the development of society, economy, politics and the legal profession has been changing. With this respect, Koç University Institute of Social Sciences targets to contribute to the molding of this new lawyer profile, with an understanding based on reliable academic research, as well as practicing experience.


Koç University Law School is a member of European Society of International Law, European Law Faculties Association (ELFA) and running the Presidency of Law Schools Global League.


Fundamental characteristics of the Koç University LL.M. Programs of Public Law and Private Law (thesis track and non-thesis track), which have been established in conformity with the legislation of higher education, are as follows: 


  • World-wide reputed professors (and lecturers), who are distinguished as to their publications, research and practice of legal profession.
  • Up-to-date courses structured on well-established and absorbed legal knowledge.
  • Research and learning of different legal disciplines based on multi-dimensional perspectives.
  • An atmosphere stimulating academic and vocational progress, whereby legal issues comprising comparative and international aspects are thoroughly examined.
  • An integrated program with workshops, seminars and other activities parallel to the curriculum.
  • Various options devoted to candidates with high competence of scientific research and to those who would like to differentiate from others in the legal profession.
  • Regular and effective academic consultancy.
  • Advanced research opportunities with regard to academic publications and instructions in particular, provided by Suna Kıraç Library.
  • Privilege of being the part of a qualified group of graduate students, elected through adopting effective scaling and evaluation criteria.
  • Academic collaboration with the leading law schools abroad.

The LLM in Private Law at Koç University aims to equip its students with legal skills to overcome challenges they are presented with both in the national and the international contexts with a particular focus on business law. The courses on Turkish law provide graduate-level knowledge for both practitioners and those pursuing an academic career; whereas the courses pertaining to international and comparative aspects of law aim to bring students up to date with new developments, challenges and harmonization efforts in the area of private law. The topics covered in the curriculum include contract law, competition law, dispute settlement mechanisms, intellectual property law, transport law, labor law, World Trade Organization and European Union law.

LLM  in Public Law is offering a unique program for graduates wanting to pursue a career in the field of public law with government and non-governmental organizations at national and international level, as well as in private practice, especially with respect to public interest litigation and policy-making. The aim of the program is to give students solid and comprehensive information on the public law aspects of international and European law through in-depth analysis and on how these bodies of law impact national legal orders.


Applications for the academic year 2017 are now Open!
1 February 2017 – 3 July 2017


For More Information contact


Esra Özcan
Academic and Administrative Coordinator
Tel: (+90) 212 338 1885
E-posta: esraozcan@ku.edu.tr

LL.M. Programs Admission Criteria

The evaluation will be pursued, grounded upon the undergraduate GPA, the Academic Postgraduate Education Exam (ALES), as well as the entrance exam score of the candidate. A minimum 2.75 GPA is recommended. (ALES Exam is not required for Non-Thesis Programs applications)


Those who are not Law School graduates are also admitted to the LL.M Programs. However, at the end of the program, they receive MA degree instead of LL.M.


Course Requirements for the ones who are not graduates of Faculty of Law.


LL.M in Public Law   


  • Constitutional Law I
  • Constitutional Law II
  • Criminal Law I
  • Administrative Law I
  • International Law I
  • Area Elective


LL.M in Private Law


  • Civil Law
  • Law of Obligations I
  • Civil Procedure Law I
  • Commercial Law I
  • Private International Law I
  • Area elective


*The elective courses will be accommodated according to the needs of the LL.M. programs.
* Courses are scheduled to be planned on Fridays and Saturdays.



Hüsamettin Onanç

I would recommend the LLM Programme of Koç University Law School to anyone who wants to improve themselves, regardless of their age and level. The LLM Programme has made me realize, again, in the autumn of my life, that learning is a pleasure and inspired my academic studies, made me contemplate on the Rule of Law, which is an institution necessary for the well-being of my country.

Cem Tecimer

When I take a look at the education I received at Koc University Law School for the past four years, I undoubtedly believe that I have received the best legal education in Turkey. The impressions I got from friends enrolled at other distinguished law schools in Istanbul and across Turkey convinced me that Koc University Law School stood out among its peers.

Irina Crivet

The LLM program in Koç University has been the most thought-provoking personal and professional experience I ever had. I chose to apply here for an LLM in Public Law because of wide-reaching reputation. Koç University was the ideal institution for my postgraduate studies because it constantly adapts its academic approach. 

Ezgi Arık

The most important advantage of graduating from Koc University Law School is the question, inquire and criticism-based law education system rather than the memorization-based one. In addition to this, the curriculum of the Law School including the courses in the comparative and international areas of law, besides Turkish law oriented courses provides the privilege to its graduates. 

Levent Emre Özgüç

Looking back to my undergraduate and graduate studies in Koç University Law School, I realize that I have made a choice that I am very content with. Both the university and the faculty are in top positions in their fields because of the national and international opportunities they provide. 

Law Club

Koç University Law Club is established in 2004. The Law Club -comprised of students of the Law School who are natural members- organizes seminars on current legal issues not only for students of the Law School but also to the whole student community at Koç University. The Law Club also issues a periodical student journal “Justitia Et Fides”, allowing its members to write on various legal issues. The International Symposium on Law and Global Issues is a regular event hosted by the Law Club and attended by law students from throughout the world.


The Club also organizes trips to both national and international courts such as the Constitutional Court, the Court of Cassation, European Court of Human Rights and International Court of Justice in order to expose the students to the application of law rendering the theoretical knowledge gained in courses permanent. In order to foster social interaction and a sense of community, the Club regularly organizes social events, where faculty members, students and alumni come together outside of the classroom.

Getting Around

Located in the hills of Sarıyer, Istanbul, Koç University is twenty minutes from the Black Sea beaches, surrounded by charming villages and natural landscapes, and connected to the city center through a plethora of convenient transportation options. Koç University has four other campus locations: West Campus, Nişantaşı Campus, RCAC Beyoğlu and İstinye Campus.


Law school students receive effective and personal academic advising from faculty members throughout their study period.


Koç University Law School students club, Law Club, releases a periodical that deals with current issues called ‘‘Justitia’’. Law Club also organizes study travels to national (TGNA, Constitutional Court, Court of Cassation, Council of State) and international judiciary organs and institutions (International Court of Justice, European Court of Human Rights, European Council, European Union Commission, European Union Court of Justice) and arranges an annual ‘‘Career Days’’ event which hosts a variety of lawyers from different fields to introduce opportunities for students.


Koç University Law School students demonstrated their legal knowledge and competence in English to represent Turkey in Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in 2008 and 2011. In this competition, members of Koç University Law School team have been awarded both in written and oral branches. The National Rounds of the 2012 Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition were held at Koç University. The International Law Students Association (ILSA), who organizes Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, appreciated the University’s successful hosting and awarded Koç University by naming it as an official sponsor in the international rounds held in Washington DC.


Koç University Law School, as a project partner with various national and international institutions leading the European Council, contributes to the curricula of these institutions by offering expertise in the fields of human rights and gender mainstreaming.


Koç University Law School organizes executive education programs for professional lawyers.


Koç University Career Development Center guides law school students regarding their career choices. Through its annually organized ‘‘Recruitment Days’’, students may be accepted to summer internships during their undergraduate years and as graduates they can make use of the career center to find full-time jobs. Students from the Koç University Law School have had opportunities to work in various fields like law offices, state bureaucracy, national and international non-governmental organizations, due to their professional language competencies and international perspectives.

Partner Institutions

The Law Schools Global League was founded on 21 June 2012. The League is an association of a select number of leading law schools from all continents and legal cultures, which in their part of the world can be considered trailblazers in the field of law and the globalization of law in particular.


The League purports to stimulate academic debate as well as cooperation in both education and research around the theme of globalization of law. Serving as a platform for sharing knowledge, the League aspires to contribute to the debate on the globalization of law and its implications on legal education and research.


Every year, the League organizes a number of activities, including conferences and a summer school centered on the theme of law and globalization, and the setting up of joint-research and joint-teaching activities.



The Law Schools Global League currently has 23 members:


1. Católica Global School of Law, Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portugal)
2. EBS Law School, EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht (Germany)
3. Edinburgh School of Law, Edinburgh University  (United Kingdom)
4. IE Law School, IE Madrid (Spain)
5. Sciences Po Law School (France)
6. Tilburg Law School, Tilburg University (the Netherlands)
7. Faculty of Law, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia)
8. Radzyner School of Law Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya (Israel)
10. GV DIREITO São Paulo (Brazil)
11. Law School, Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)
12. School of Law, Tsinghua University (China)
13. Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University (India)
14. Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
15. Law School, Northwestern University (USA)
16. Faculty of Law, McGill University (Canada)
17. Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town (South Africa)
18. Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria (South Africa)
19. Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London (United Kingdom)
20. School of Law, University of Torino (Italy)
21. School of Law, Koç University (Turkey)
22. School of Law, ITAM (Mexico)
23. Faculty of Law, Universidad de Palermo (Argentina)


For more information please visit the official website: https://www.lawschoolsgloballeague.com/

With a genuine focus on global studies of law, outstanding research track of eminent faculty members and full impact in professional practice, our LLM programs trigger a new approach of advanced legal studies not only for Turkey, but also for studying in Turkey. Koç University LLM courses in public and private law have a wide range of curriculum including most demanding and less-discussed comparative and international topics of different legal disciplines. Taking into account legal developments at regional, local and international level, we offer both deepening in well-established legal disciplines and micro studies of law. Our varied LLM curricula is bilingual (English-Turkish). It intertwines local and global scholarship and expertise of law. Koç University LLM programs are dedicated to effective lecturing, real sense of legal research, global seminars, workshops, intensive consulting as well as co-curricular activities offering different types of career opportunities in legal leadership. With our competitive scholarships we aim at fostering high quality academic candidates and establishing a research hub of legal studies through academic LLM. Prospective students may also pursue a professional LLM track with a practical focus.