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The University of Baltimore was founded in 1925 and became a state institution in 1975. Today UB is part of the University System of Maryland. The Law, Business, and Liberal Arts Schools are represented by the three triangles in the logo's torch. 




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LL.M. in the Law of the United States (LOTUS)

The University of Baltimore School of Law's innovative LL.M. program focusing on the Laws of the United States provides an ideal opportunity for foreign-trained lawyers to study at our leading Center for International and Comparative Law. We have welcomed students from all over the world, including Nigeria, Cameroon, China, the Philippines, Germany, Italy, Romania, the UK, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Peru, and Brazil.

Our program offers a great degree of flexibility. LL.M. LOTUS candidates may choose to complete the program in one full-time academic year of coursework or may complete it in two years on a part-time basis (depending on visa status).

Our LL.M. LOTUS students create their own program of study by either choosing the U.S. Practice track, a broad survey of courses that provide the foundation of American legal concepts, or the Elective Concentrations track, which provides for study of specific area of the law for which course prerequisites have been met. Upon graduation, many LOTUS Students take the Bar Exam which is possible in a number of jurisdiction. 

The School of Law is fully accredited by the American Bar Association, the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland and the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

Application to the LL.M. LOTUS

Application to the LL.M. LOTUS must be submitted online. Applications are accepted year-round for a mid-August matriculation, but applicants are advised to apply early enough to complete any visa and language-testing requirements. Orientation for enrolled students typically begins in mid- August; classes start at the end of August. New students begin in the fall semester only.

Please apply through Law School Admission Council (LSAC) -- a clearing house for law admissions. Then send to the school of Law  an official transcript for each college or university you attended and 2 letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes.

For more information, click here.

Tuition is highly competitive ($20K), which is half the price of LL.M. programs in Washington, D.C. ($20,000 is for full-time students; part-time students will be charged by the credit hour).

Admitted students who require a student visa to participate in the program must contact the International Services Office of the University of Baltimore to seek necessary documentation.

Student life at UB isn't limited to the classroom

At the University of Baltimore, there's something for everyone. More than 60 student-run organizations, a recreation program with competitive sports teams and a robust performing arts program will keep you busy in between classes.

Of course, UB isn't like every other campus; because we're in the heart of Baltimore's arts and entertainment district, you also have your choice of Charm City's best restaurants and nightlife.

Welcome to the University of Baltimore School of Law

The University of Baltimore School of Law provides a rigorously practical education, combining doctrinal coursework, intensive writing instruction, nationally renowned clinics and community-based learning to ensure that its graduates are exceptionally well prepared to practice law. UB School of Law faculty, staff and administration are honored to contribute to the transformative experience of an education in the law.

At the University of Baltimore School of Law, you will learn doctrine, perspective and skills through traditional study as well as through clinical and lawyering courses. Your legal education is enriched by work on journals and membership in student organizations and government, as well as by participation in centers focused on local, national and global issues.As a graduate of the school, you will enter the legal profession exceptionally well prepared to analyze clients' legal issues, make oral and written presentations to courts and administrative bodies, and advocate for positive change on a host of issues. School of Law alumni serve in prominent public positions, many as  lawyers and judges, changing their own lives and those of others through the profession of law.

Diversity and Culture Center - International Student Association

The International Student Association (ISA) is a student organization with students from different parts of the world. ISA is dedicated to promoting and enhancing international awareness, multicultural understanding and cooperation among students of different nationalities at UB and surrounding universities. The organization provides support and guidance to new students who are in the stage of adjustment to life and culture in the United States. ISA coordinates activities such as food festivals, cultural shows and local trips.

If you are interested in joining a culturally diverse group, you should join the International Student Association. Stop by the Diversity and Culture Center in Student Center Rm. 002 or email us at for more information on how to join.

Combine Your Law Degree with an Education in an Exciting Specialization

The University of Baltimore School of Law offers a number of post-J.D. programs designed to complement your legal education, and prepare you for a legal-skills marketplace that is increasingly focused on specialization and a deeper skillset.

Masters of Law in the Law of the United States (LOTUS)

The School of Law's LL.M. LOTUS program provides an ideal opportunity for foreign-trained lawyers to study U.S. law at a leading center for international and comparative law. Discover more.

Masters of Law in Taxation for Attorneys

The School of Law's LL.M. Tax program affords working attorneys with an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of tax and enhance their capabilities in a number of tax specializations. Find out more.

LL.M. in Taxation (LLM Tax)

The LL.M. in Taxation is awarded to those entering the program with a J.D. degree or equivalent. To graduate, students must earn 30 credits in tax courses (10 to 12 classes) with a cumulative grade point average of 3.000 or better. All requirements must be completed within five years of enrollment.  

Earning a Certificate in Estate Planning

Candidates for the LL.M. in Taxation can concurrently achieve a Certificate in Estate Planning. This option allows attorneys who wish to concentrate in estate planning the opportunity to receive the additional credential at no additional cost.


The curriculum includes :
  • Required courses such as Corporate Taxation, Taxation policy, Tax practice and procedure...
  • Elective courses such as Bankruptcy taxation, foreign taxation, consolidated corporations...

For further information, click here.

Application to the LL.M. Tax

Admission to the LL.M. in Tax program is on a rolling basis.  Students may start the program at the beginning of the Fall or Spring semesters, or the Summer session. 

Application deadlines are as follows:

  • August 1 — for fall semester
  • December 1 —for spring semester
  • May 1 —for summer session

To apply, submit the following :

For further information, click here.

Why UB Law?

Students and alumni reflect on their School of Law experience.

Why UB Law?

Students and alumni reflect on their School of Law experience.