Master of Law and Economics


  • Master of laws (LL.M.)
  • Starting date: October
  • Tuition Fee: 5,000 - 10,000 USD
  • Language: English
  • Program type: Full-time
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Specialization: Legal Practice; Business Law ; Finance, Banking; Insurance; Taxation; Transportation Law ; IT and communication ; Sport Law; Criminal Law; Labour; Family Law ; Property / Estate Planning; Resolution; Medical Law ; Environmental and Energy Law; Public Law ; Human Rights ; Philosophy & History Law ; International Law ; European Law; U.S. Law ; Asian Law; Intellectual property; General law; Comparative Law; Rule of Law and Development; Law of International Organizations; International Economic Law; Entertainment and Media Law


The programme covers one academic year, for which successful students will receive 60 ECTS points. The courses start at the beginning of October and end in June. The academic year is divided into three terms. The unique international and interdisciplinary character of the EMLE Programme is secured through an intensive co-operation between lawyers and economists at no less than seven European Universities and three non-European partners. Students may study at up to three different universities but cannot spend all terms in the same location.

In the first two terms students can choose among three teaching centres. This leads to an average class size of up to 35 students, given a maximum of 105 admitted students in the entire program.

-- In the first term, courses will be offered at the Universities of Rotterdam, Hamburg and Bologna. Classes generally start in the first week of October; exams finish in late December.

-- In the second term students will study at the Universities of Ghent, Hamburg or Bologna. Classes generally start in the first week of January; exams finish in late March.

-- In the third term there are more teaching centres and a lower average class size. Courses are offered in Aix-en-Provence, Bologna, Haifa, Hamburg, Manchester, Rotterdam and Vienna. Classes generally start in the first week of April; exams finish in late June. Mumbai and Warsaw join the network in 2010/2011 while Manchester will no longer participate; Bologna will cease to offer courses in the third term.


The EMLE is a postgraduate course. Preference will be given to applicants who already have a first master degree.

The minimum requirement for admission is a bachelor degree, provided that this degree leads up to employability in the relevant labour market. In particular with respect to the legal profession, stricter job qualifying criteria (first master degree) may be required by national regulations.

Applicants with a bachelor degree only need to provide proof that this degree is an appropriate level of qualification in the labour market in their home country.

Besides graduates in Law or Economics, students with a first degree in Business Administration or in other social sciences may also apply if the curriculum includes a substantial number of courses in law and/or economics. The above requirement with respect to employability in the labour market equally applies.