Financing Your LL.M.

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Financing Your LL.M.

Wherever you are planning to pursue your LL.M., tuition fees are always an important issue, especially in big cities with high costs of living. Pursuing an LL.M.  is also an investment in your career. Starting the searching for financial support will make for a wiser investment.


Some universities offer scholarships to their LL.M students, including merit and need-based scholarships. Compared to full-tuition scholarships, the partial-tuition scholarships are more common. The application process and criteria of scholarships are different for each university. Applicants usually need to have strong academic backgrounds to receive scholarships or tuition waivers. There are scholarships available from institutions and governments, so register on Find your LLM soon to receive the most recent news of special scholarships and grants.

Student Loans

Lots of LL.M. students need to take loans to cover the one-year study. Many companies and banks provide student loan service, but it is always necessary to clearly understand and compare the conditions of different loans.  

Living Expenses

Rent areas is the main expense for international students. Try not to live in unsafe areas just because of the cheaper rent. Sharing an apartment or house with friends can be a good choice. Beginning of the school season also means a lack of housing resources, especially those with competitive prices. You should start searching for accommodation before packaging your bags.


The cost of living in big cities such as New York and London is very high. Some very prestigious universities are located in smaller cities, often having bigger campuses and beautiful natural environments. These regions are very popular for their affordability and convenient access to downtown areas.

Student Benefits

Make the most of your student card and save money with it. Students can enjoy lots of benefits in purchasing educational goods, such as books and digital products. Many museums, exhibitions, cinemas and activities are free to students. There are also discounts available for public transportation, train tickets and airline tickets.