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US Bar Exam Digest for International Lawyers and Law Graduates 2017

Pass a U.S. State Bar Exam by Relying on the largest Bar Preparation and Legal Education Company in the world


Innovative testing and learning technologies combined with years of experience training non-U.S. lawyers and law graduates make BARBRI International the best partner when you decide to enhance your career by becoming a U.S. attorney.


In today’s increasingly globalised world, demand continues to grow for those who understand the workings and complexities of the law of more than one jurisdiction. Passing a U.S. state bar exam and becoming an American attorney adds valuable credentials to your C.V. or resumé and gives you the capability and expertise to work with international clients, deal with cross-border transactions and understand the differences between U.S. and international law.


Becoming a U.S. attorney requires commitment and involves hard work, effort and conviction; however, you can rely on BARBRI International to support and assist you every step of the way. BARBRI has helped over 1.2 million students succeed on U.S. bar exams, and we are here to help you.


This digest provides information about the bar exam and how you will prepare to pass the exam with BARBRI International. New York, California and Texas operate a relatively open policy in permitting foreign law graduates or lawyers to sit their bar examinations and they do not impose restrictions to admission on grounds of nationality or residence.


Graduates with a three- or four-year common law degree may be immediately eligible to apply to sit the New York bar examination. Qualified lawyers who do not possess a common law degree can apply to take the California bar exam. If you are a practising lawyer with a common law degree, you may be eligible to sit the Texas bar exam. While we strive to provide detailed information in this guide, we encourage candidates to attend an Open Day, or speak with a BARBRI International team member prior to enrolment so we can ensure that you understand how to establish your eligibility, and that you are able to study for and sit the bar examination.


Which Bar Examination?





The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination

In addition to the Bar Examination, the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) must be passed before being certified for admission to practise as a New York, California or Texas Attorney-at-Law.


MPRE Exam:

The MPRE is a 2-hour, 60 question multiple-choice examination on ethics and professional conduct covering the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Code of Responsibility, the Model Rules of Professional Conduct and the ABA Code of Judicial Conduct.


Timing: The MPRE is administered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners in March, August and November each year.


National Conference of Bar Examiners