5 Reasons why you should attend the LL.M Spring Tour

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5 Reasons why you should attend the LL.M Spring Tour


Outlined below are five points why you should join us on the LL.M Tour taking place on May 17th 18th and 20th 2016 in Brussels, Paris and Madrid.



  1. Find an LL.M program which fulfills your expectations: The LL.M Spring Tour is organized in partnership with over ten internationally renowned universities. Attending the LL.M Tour is a unique chance to be able to know more about each program and all of the benefits this experience will bring. The attending universities are looking forward to meeting promising and determined students like you.


  1. Have a privileged contact with the directors of the programs: Being part of the LL.M applicant pool, the chance to meet with directors of LL.M Programs is an outstanding opportunity. You will be able to learn more about entry requirements which are to be met in order to be accepted in a program. In addition, this will also be the time to present your academic background and have firsthand advice on what items to should put forward in your application material.




Be sure to register for the event here - Sign up. All students at the event will be  eligible for more than $200,000 scholarships




  1. Prepare your LL.M application: The LL.M Spring Tour has been organized to tailor to the needs of LL.M applicants. In fact, our LL.M Tour will provide coaching sessions with professionals and alumni giving personal advice to applicants regarding how to write a good personal statement or resume. This will be the perfect occasion for you to plan your application and make sure it is ready before the deadline.


  1. Obtain more information on Tuitions and Scholarships: Many LL.M applicants are not aware of the possibility of obtaining a scholarship. Because of this, they might refrain from applying to several universities. To help you get all of the needed information, both universities and private firms will present their scholarship grants. This information will help you decide whether you can afford to cover the estimated costs of an LL.M.


  1. Connect with European students: We will be in Brussels, Madrid and Paris. Come meet us at one of these cities and connect with students or alumni. You will share your experience and your expectations regarding LL.M.s. Since LL.M classes are filled with many European students, being able to meet international applicants will help you find out more specific information about living expenses or social events. You could even find your future roommate!


Please visit our website to have more information on the location and time of the event and let us know on our Facebook event’s page if you are attending the LL.M Spring Tour !