Cardozo Fame Event - Review

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Cardozo Fame Event - Review

Cardozo Fame Event - Review


2016 got off to a memorable start. On 21st January,, in partnership with Cardozo School of Law hosted a conference on the theme of Careers in Fashion Arts Media & Entertainment Law in Paris.  

The event was moderated by Valbona Myteberi, dean of admissions to the LLM Program at Cardozo Law. She was joined by a fantastic panel of speakers - few of which are well-known figures in the industry. Antoine Gautier-Sauvagnac (Partner, FTPA), Nathalie Marchand (Partner, Baker & McKenzie), Nelly Olas (Associate, Santarelli) and Robert Dodd, (CEO, Robert Dodd Showroom) all shared their experiences.





The principal aim of the event was to introduce current students to career opportunities that are opening up in the fashion industry and show them how an LL.M. at Cardozo could enhance their chances at succeeding in this legal branch.

Valbona Myteberi started off the event with a welcome speech, a brief introduction to Cardozo School of Law and introduced the diverse group of panelist to the students.


Valbona’s experience as a legal practitioner is nothing short of a Hollywood script. A young girl living in a country about to go into the state of emergency, who manages to migrate to the land of opportunities. Fifteen years on, she has become the head of admissions at one the best Law Schools in the world. Her story was both inspirational and motivational for students with similar ambitions.






The introduction was followed by a few roundtable debates and discussions. All panelists shared one trait : their great success and even greater humility.   


Robert shared his passion for the fashion industry, sharpened by his will to “create an experience for [his] customers”. He spoke of the importance the law plays in his daily life and expressed his thoughts on the state of fashion law - emphasising the importance of protecting the rights of creative spirits.  He put forward his mantra for success: the drive and ability to embrace challenges.



Nelly Olas, a former student and alumni from Cardozo Law, then shared her experience as a student of the faculty. She gave students invaluable advice. Her inputs were extremely informative and provided current French students with a glimpse of what they could expect from the Cardozo experience - and more generally of undertaking an LL.M. in the US.



Her honest account of the stressful first weeks - which led up to an incredible adventure both Humanly as well as educationally - resonated particularly well with the student audience. Her impressive parcours - an LL.M. graduate as well as a New York bar detainee - was a source of motivation.



Antoine Gauthier-Sauvagnac’s provided insight into what working in the fashion industry truly entailed. With a touch of well-appreciated humour, he gave practical examples of cases where he was forced to practice law cross-border. He urged students to pursue LL.M. degrees, not only for the networking opportunities it would provide, but also to have a fuller grasp of international legal issues which are inevitable in fashion law.   

But what brought quite a few tears of laughter to the audience’s eyes was his story of how he had to actual subpoena “Batman”, yes, you read that right.

Superseded a Q&A session. The main questions were :


  • What is the procedure for practicing law in the US?

  • Is taking the New York bar a necessity in order to work in the US ?

  • Does French regulation recognize an LL.M. degree from an international establishment?


To share but a few concluding words, Valbona gave a short presentation about the school for students hoping to join Cardozo in the fall and helped with personal enquiries.


All in all, the event was a huge success both for Cardozo and Find your LLM. Missed out? Don’t get FOMO; we’ll be happy to have you over for our next event! In the meantime stay in touch by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

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