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QMUL in Paris

I was delighted to be amongst the first Paris Bar School (Ecole de Formation professionnelle des Barreaux de la Cour d'Appel de Paris, EFB) students to have this amazing opportunity to complete the Paris LLM of Queen Mary University of London, alongside the Paris Bar School course.


The Bar School period is probably the last moment in which you can effectively complete your education and legal specialization. It is also the moment when students have their ultimate confrontation with the legal market and their future employers. The stiff competition among the future lawyers made me rapidly realize that an additional qualification and an LLM degree can become a valuable competitive advantage.


As the Queen Mary Paris LLM offers a wide range of modules in the areas of Business law, Finance, Arbitration and Intellectual Property, every student can choose the particular subjects they are interested in. Although I believe that a specialization is useful and most of my modules consisted of IP law, I also enjoyed taking classes of International conflict resolution and English contract law, as knowledge in these areas can be very useful for international practitioners.


An individual pedagogical project

Besides obtaining a degree from a prestigious University like Queen Mary and improving my legal English, one of the main reasons I chose this LLM was the extremely convenient planning. I could study for all the LLM modules within the period of “PPI” (Projet Pédagogique Individuel*) without having to take a gap year.


From my experience I have to say that this collaboration between the Paris Bar School and the Queen Mary Paris LLM works out very well. All the more so if you start your Bar School course with a “PPI”, as the respective commitments hardly overlap.


The LLM consists of six modules to be completed during the “PPI” and a dissertation to be handed in during the next period of six months. Thus starting with the LLM allows you not only to effectively concentrate on your studies, but also leaves time to complete the dissertation during the six-month period of Bar School classes. The Bar School administration was always very accommodating with the LLM requirements, particularly during the exam period, which turned out to be the most challenging one.


The environment

My favorite part of this LLM was the small number of students in each class, thus creating a very good environment for exchange with the professors and gaining in-depth knowledge. There are very few LLM degrees offering that kind of privilege.


Moreover, Queen Mary constantly organizes various social events and lectures that allow students to meet their peers, alumni, professors and other legal professionals. The great overall atmosphere has contributed to the creation of lasting relationships even once the classes ended.

Today I am sure that this LLM constitutes a competitive advantage, as it has helped me complete internships in prestigious international law firms. I am now pursuing a career in the area of IP/IT law, and also want to exploit further the knowledge gained through this LLM by working on various cross border issues and projects. 

Dane Rimsevica, QMUL alumna in Paris

*PPI: Internship taking place in another place than a law firm registered at a French Bar

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