LLM Intellectual Property - GW Law

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LLM Intellectual Property - GW Law

GW is ideally located in the center of the American capital, a few blocks from the White House, in a very urban historic campus for a University. I worked for a law firm in Washington, DC at the time of my studies, but GW was by far my preference, including its ranking in the Top 20 Law School and American Top 3 LL.M. programs intellectual property.

The city has, for me, the benefits of being the country's capital and the ability to accommodate many major law firms which are just a few meters from the University itself. The link between academic and professional life is easily done here and facilitates contacts.

The courses offered are varied and taught by professors emeritus (often themselves being practitioners), with a real practical view of things. 

The presence of the Copyright Office (which archives the works protectable under copyright) and USPTO (US Institute for filing trademarks and patents) are also in Washington DC, a more than favorable environment for the study topics related to intellectual property. Not to mention the legislature (Congress) and lobbyists of all kinds. Washington DC also hosts the headquarters of major international organizations (IMF, World Bank, .....) and is therefore a must to meet young professionals and students worldwide, with a number of different nationalities residing there also.

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