What do our alumni say about the programme?

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"This course changed my life. It allowed me to become the international corporate lawyer I wanted to be. It allowed me to understand life in the EU, to speak French fluently and to develop lifelong contacts."

Andrew Markus, Shareholder, Carlton Fields

"The PILC/LLM programme has equipped me for professional challenges in complex multicultural organizations as well as provided me with some understanding of international relations in public as well as industry environments".

Peggy Poelmans, HR Business Partner, Bayer CropScience NV BioScience

"It helped me to move forward in my career as an expert both in European and international affairs."

Elina Melngaile, Member of Cabinet, European Commission, Commissioner for Development office

"A wonderful life-changing experience. I think we were very lucky to have a year in Bruxelles during the launch of the Euro and with the enlargement under discussion, in the company of so many nationalities from all over the world. It changed our views on the world and the people in these countries who were represented in our group. It gave us an intimate connection to societies, which when we see now in the news, stand out as the country of a friend."

Gayathri Fernando


"The PILC and some of the individual professors there inspired me greatly with their energetic and knowledgeable teaching. They never let a chance go by to tell me or others when we impressed them. Together, this positive and knowledge-hungry athmosphere gave me the confidence to take a chance and go for an academic career, to write a dissertation."

Tim S.G. Staal, PhD Researcher, University of Amsterdam


"Great people, great teachers, interesting programme. All in all great experience."

Viktorija Balciunaite, Head of Compatibility Assesment with EU Law, Division EU Law Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania


"Great course that spearheaded my career advancement."

Victoria Lang, Deputy Minister of Justice for Codification, Republic of Liberia Ministry of Justice


"An outstanding experience, on both professional and personal levels. Interacting with experienced lawyers paved my way for a career in a global law firm."

Irina Sertova, Legal Assistant in the Cometition/Antitrust Group, Linklaters LLP


"Spending a year with classmates from around the globe and the diversity that Brussels has to offer definitely opened my views of the world. It not only helped me understand the different mindsets of my clients but to understand the legal systems and issues that they are subjected too."

Carolina Lacerda


"PILC was an inspiration to further study, teaching, and political action in International & Comparative Public Law & Policy!"

Howard Charles Yourow, S.J.D., Ariston Creative UnLtd / NYC

"I did PILC in 2010-2011. Immediately after that, I was selected as a Bluebook Trainee at DG Trade of the European Commission."

Viktoriya Petrikova


"I studied at the PILC Program in 1984-1985, and it were my best days in overseas education life. At the 2002 PILC Alumni Convention, I met again with my fellow friends and Professors."

Michael Malo


"I became interested in competition law as a result of the programme, and went on to work in this field in London. I have also been able to use comparative EU law examples in my work in consitutional law since returning to Australia."

Lucinda Byers


"An absolutely enriching year in a professional, cultural and every possible way. A lawyer having covered the PILC becomes aware of tremendously important international legal issues with eyes wide-opened. Awareness and high qualification - that is what the PILC provides."

Antoaneta Pateva, Member of the Union of the Bulgarian Scientists


"The programme had a huge impact on my professional life in that it was certainly helpful to get me into the job I currently hold. Moreover, it fulfilled my long fostered dream of studying international and European law abroad and in a multinational environment. At the same time, it provided me with the prospect of staying in Brussels as a professional afterwards."

Matthias Pflüger, Rechtsanwalt, Van Bael & Bellis


"GREAT!! Many important and interesting courses under the supervision of well-renowned people who I stayed in touch with until today and who have also influenced my career. The PILC Programme definitely opened some career doors for me."

Veronika Švecová, Case Handler - Lawyer, European Commission - DG Competition - Task force unit - State aid and financial services

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