What it's really like studying a joint J.D./LL.M. at Georgetown

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What it's really like studying a joint J.D./LL.M. at Georgetown

Feedback from Jacob Puhl, a law student from OSU, who is now attending Georgetown University Law Center and working towards his joint J.D./LL.M.. We were able to speak with him about his experience at Georgetown University


Why did you choose Georgetown University?


I chose Georgetown for 3 reasons:


a. I am from the area and was able to live at a house owned by my family for free
b. I am interested in the study of tax law and Georgetown has one of the top tax programs
c. I want to practice in the DC area, or at least the east coast, so there are a lot of valuable connections to make here.


Which classes would you advise students to take?


As far as my current classes, I think evidence and criminal procedure are incredibly useful for a student to understand the American legal system. Additionally, my Global Indirect Tax class was a fascinating survey looking at tax all around the world. That class actually was about 50% international, with students frequently weighing in on their home jurisdiction’s method of taxation.


Why study a joint JD/LLM ?


I chose a joint JD/LLM because it was a way for me to save both time and money. I only need one semester of LLM classes because I get to count 12 credits from the JD year towards my LLM. Instead of USD 53,000, I will only pay USD 26,000 and I will be able to start working a full semester before.



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