Why is it important to attend a postgraduate fair?

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Why is it important to attend a postgraduate fair?

Why study fairs?

If you are a planning on undertaking a postgraduate (PG) degree, then by now you will have come across postgraduate study fairs adverts and posters announcing dates and venues, calling for registrations, etc.


So why is it that these fairs benefit from so much publicity and what makes them so popular among prospective PG students? The reason is that several universities use this opportunity to promote their courses through these fairs and it is a one-stop shop for students to directly interact with representatives from various universities.


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Why attend a postgraduate fair?

Postgraduate study fairs offer you a direct opportunity to meet face-to-face with course administrators and admission managers from leading universities. You get a first-hand account of PG courses including new ones that are being offered for the upcoming year, in addition to procedures for applying to these courses.


Moreover, You will get access to critical guidance on PG studies too viz., mentors who talk you through course selection, specialists who will guide you on entry requirements, language prerequisites and so on. A great advantage of attending these forums is that you can get all your questions answered in one place !

Here are top 5 reasons why you should never miss a postgraduate fair!

1. Meeting, greeting, and networking

Once you are registered and you walk into the main area that hosts university stalls, you will see yourself interacting with lots of people. You will also be greeted by fair organizers who will guide you to independent advisors, holding specialist sessions on application procedures and student visas. This will give you a good opportunity to meet prospective PG students like yourself and to make useful contacts. You could end up finding your future classmates!

2. Application reviews and queries

Some of the study fairs conduct sessions on filling out application forms. Although applications differ from one university to the next, you will get general guidance on how best to gather and fill in information while applying to these universities. You will also have the opportunity to check with university representatives if you are filling in your forms correctly and to raise queries on aspects that you find unclear in their procedures.


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3. Free seminars and talks

Most study fairs organize free seminars or talks on a range of topics including:

  • Module selection
  • Application requirements
  • Student visas
  • Funding options

PG study fairs could also hold sessions that focus on industry-specific topics where specialist advisors provide guidance on postgraduate courses that you must focus on to build a career path in that area.

4. Gather course information

Study fairs are a great way to collect information on the various courses offered by universities. You can discuss course specializations directly with university representatives and get advice on which course would best suit your background.


You can also get an early view on new courses that are being introduced in the upcoming academic session. Universities will provide you with relevant information on where to find course information and give you an insight into a typical postgraduate academic cycle.

5. Postgraduate funding

Study fairs are also a great platform to find out up-to-date information on scholarships and postgraduate bursaries. You can find out which types of funding being offered by universities that you are keen to apply to and get a better sense on how you can put forward a strong application. Feel free to ask all the questions that you want to make sure you are going in the right direction!


We hope you are able to attend the next study fair close to you to become more confident when you apply for your postgraduate study!


Author: Seetha Sriraman