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Fordham University School of Law


Fordham Law School has provided a complete education in the law for more than 100 years. While the legal profession has changed during that time, the core mission of a Fordham Law education has not. Fordham Law be continues to value academic excellence and the lawyer's craft. Fordham Law remains committed to ethics and to service. We still impart the warmth of community. Fordham lawyers have been and will continue to be dedicated to the highest standards of the legal profession and to the service of others

Fordham Housing


A limited number of dorm rooms at the Lincoln Center campus are available to LLM, MSL, and SJD students in McMahon Hall, which houses both undergraduate and graduate students. The Residential Life Office makes housing assignments on a "first come, first served" basis. For applications and information, visit the Law Student Housing website.



Access the Law Student Housing website



If you are admitted and enrolled at Fordham and are interested in applying for housing at McMahon Hall (Law School dorms), please visit Wait List for McMahon Hall.

Fordham also offers some graduate housing at 134 West 58th Street, a short walk to the Law School. For more information about this housing option, please visit the Graduate Housing website.



Access the Graduate Housing website



All questions regarding on-campus housing should be directed to the Office of Residential Life at 212-636-7100 or


Off-Campus Housing


Most students live off-campus, either in Manhattan or in other boroughs of New York City or in New Jersey.  An excellent public transportation network makes it easy to travel into and within New York City.  

Options and resources for housing unrelated to Fordham are linked below.  Students should be cautious when using these websites to avoid scams, particularly if they are not present in New York to view an apartment before committing to it. 



Access the New York City Housing Resources List.



Note that many apartments in New York are only available through brokers who charge fees (often equivalent to one month's rent or 15% of a one-year lease) for connecting potential renters with apartments. For students interested in using a broker to locate an apartment, some reputable firms include Prudential Douglas Elliman (, Citi-Habitats ( and Corcoran Group (


Fordham Law's Eight LL.M. Degrees

The LL.M. program is structured on two interdependent principles: globalization and specialization. In our global society, it is essential for a legal professional to have an international outlook as well as a distinctive area of expertise.



Fordham Law’s eight LL.M. degrees offer the opportunity to specialize in fields that are evolving as the law, economy, technology, and times demand. The breadth of offerings in each program is matched only by the enthusiasm and experience that our professors bring to the classroom.




Program Flexibility: Study part-time or full-time and begin your studies in the Fall or Spring semester.  Stay for one additional semester and receive your LL.M. degree in any of the two disciplines listed above.


Graduate and Professional Development Program for career support:  We offer a Graduate and Professional Development Program for career support:

Eligibility and Admissions Criteria

Foreign-trained applicants are eligible to apply to the LL.M. program if they hold a degree from a recognized foreign law school, law faculty, or law department that is substantially equivalent to the legal education provided by an ABA-approved law school in the United States. Such education should meet the educational requirements for admission to the practice of law in that country. Note that admission to the Bar of any jurisdiction may meet the eligibility criteria. 



The admissions committee considers many factors in its decisions for foreign-trained applicants, including the following: 




  • Academic performance and class standing
  • Occupational and law-related experience and career plans
  • Letters of reference
  • English-language ability, as evidenced by performance on the TOEFL or IELTS
  • Journal membership or involvement with other law-related publications
  • Extracurricular activities




Applicants must submit their application through Law School Admissions Council (LSAC). In addition to the application, required documentation must be submitted through LSAC's Credential Assembly Service.

A note about transcripts:

If your application includes foreign transcripts WITHOUT an explanation of the grading system, please provide an explanation by uploading when sublitting your apllication. You may do so by uploading an attachment to the "Other Document" field of your LSAC application to Fordham.

For an additional cost of $125, foreign-trained applicants may also opt to take advantage of the International Transcript authentication and Evaluation Service, which evaluates foreign transcripts. This service is optional, and we do not require use of World Education Service (WES) or any other outside evaluations.

Note, if you opted to have your foreign_trained transcripts evaluated by LSAC's International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service or if your transcripts already include an explanation of the grading system, no additional documentation is required.

LSAC charges a fee for their application services, which is an addition to our usual application fee. 



We offer a professional track (students may take a semester off) and the option of adding a second concentration.





Personal Statement

Two Letters of Recommendation


Application Fee

More information on each of the requirements liste above is available here.



Fordham Law Newsroom

Click here to find out more about our Law Newsroom !

Dean's message



"Our goal at Fordham Law School is to prepare you not simply to manage the many roles that lawyers play but to fulfill the responsibilities that clients will entrust to you and that our society places on the profession.


Our goal is to prepare you to overcome the challenges that you will face. To improve the lives of the clients you represent. To make our institutions stronger.


To help our society find solutions that are effective and fair, smart and compassionate, principled yet practical. To excel."

Short term programs

Summer institute:

Launched in 2007, the Fordham Law Summer Institute in New York City provides foreign-trained lawyers and students with an introduction to the U.S. legal system and various topics of U.S. law that are most important for lawyers in today’s global economy. The program also includes social events and other opportunities that allow participants to expand their professional networks. Typically, the program welcomes over 100 participants, from more than 20 countries from around the world. >>learn more



Legal English Institute:

Join Fordham Law School’s semester-long Legal English Institute (LEI) in New York City and study the foundations of U.S. law and the U.S. legal system while developing your legal English and lawyering skills. Join our vibrant and diverse community and study in our state-of-the art building in the heart of Manhattan – across the street from Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and a short walk to Central Park and the shops, bars, restaurants, museums, and theaters that make Manhattan the cultural capital of the nation.

The LEI is a fulltime program. >>learn more

Specialized Offerings in the Most Important Fields for 21st Century Global Lawyers

Fordham Law School offers the LL.M. degree in the fields most important for today’s global lawyer:

  • Banking, Corporate, and Finance Law
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Fashion Law
  • International Business and Trade Law
  • International Dispute Resolution
  • International Law and Justice
  • Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law
  • U.S. Law

All of our programs feature professors who are as well known for their teaching as they are for their scholarship.  Our faculty members are truly devoted to the educational experience, and do so with a personal touch.  Our fulltime faculty is supplemented by a cadre of adjunct professors drawn from the most prestigious law firms, companies, and international organizations in the nation.

The Fordham Law curriculum offers a perfect mix of courses devoted to theoretical inquiry as well as practical experience.  LL.M. students have the opportunity to enroll in drafting courses, clinics, and externships that offer them hands-on legal experience.  LL.M. students may also apply for special staff positions on student-run journals.

Program Flexibility:

Study part-time or full-time and begin your studies in the fall (August) or spring semester (January).  Stay for one additional semester and receive your LL.M. degree in any of the two disciplines listed above.

Scholarships and Financial Aids 

Fordham Law has funding available for LL.M. Students.  The LL.M Admissions office administers two scholarship programs. 


These are:


(1) Feerick, Treanor, and Martin Scholarships 


(2) Graduate Student Scholarships. 


Fordham Law has also compiled list of external scholarships and resources. 


More detailed information, including current costs of attendance, is available on their website.


Clinics and externships

Life at Fordham Law School

Make New York City Your Campus

Our prized location in the heart of Manhattan makes Fordham Law a special place to pursue graduate legal studies.   Located steps from Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and Central Park, and only a short subway ride from all that New York City has to offer, Fordham Law offers unparalleled access to networking and other professional opportunities.


A Global Community

Fordham is known as the friendly law school and nowhere is this more true than in the Office of International and Non-J.D. Programs.  Master of Laws students work with a staff that understands their needs from the moment they make their initial inquiry though the admissions process, orientation, the LL.M. program itself, graduation, and beyond.  We take a genuine interest in you and helping you meet your individual academic and professional goals.

Fordham LL.M. students also have access to a vast network of alumni around the world, who are legendary for their devotion to the Law School.





LL.M. Degree Specializations

Banking, Corporate, and Finance Law

Acquire a sophisticated appreciation of corporate structure, an understanding of the laws relating to capital markets and financial institutions, and genuine insights into the goals and strategies of U.S. executives and business lawyers. >>learn more


Corporate Compliance


Prepare to respond effectively to new and complex regulatory demands and to be trained in the skills that are essential for any compliance professional. >> learn more

Fashion Law

Learn aspects of the law that arise throughout the life of a garment, starting with the designer’s original idea and continuing all the way to the consumer’s closet. >> learn more

Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law

Combine the classic study of intellectual property rights with the rapidly emerging field of information technology law. >> learn more

International Business and Trade Law
Prepare to meet the challenges of an increasingly global economy by gaining the knowledge and training needed to handle complex transnational transactions that define the current legal and business environment. >>learn more

International Dispute Resolution

Explore the various ways that international disputes are resolved, including through traditional litigation as well as alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation. >> learn more

International Law and Justice
Gain an advanced understanding of human rights protection and promotion on international, regional, and domestic levels. >> learn more

U.S. Law
Enjoy the flexibility to develop a curriculum in U.S. law topics that suits your particular needs and interests. >> learn more


Frequently Asked Questions

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