Hautes Etudes Appliquées du Droit (HEAD)

Hautes Etudes Appliquées du Droit (HEAD)


HEAD's objective is the pursuit of excellence and innovation in legal education. HEAD is the first private law school created by legal professionals for legal professionals. We accompany students until they obtain their first position in major law firms and legal departments of international companies.


Made possible by the common passion of practitioners and professors, HEAD Law School is the fruit of the joint efforts of professionals who are committed to bringing innovation to legal teaching in France. HEAD Law School offers Mastère/LLM programs which are open to students who have successfully completed a graduate degree in law. 

Who can apply ?

Applicants to the LLM in Law and Business must have successfully completed a graduate degree in law.

How to apply ?

Students should download application file or contact us at llm@ecolehead.fr

Applicants for the bilingual program must have at least a B2 degree (or equivalent) in French and English. 
Applicants for the full English program must have a TOEFL (mini 90 IBT) or equivalent.

The application deadline is September 15.

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A Unique Experience in Paris

Enjoy the awesome lifestyle and great cultural opportunities of Paris!

The courses run from September to the end of May and can be followed by a four to six month internship


Ideally located in the heart of Paris, conveniently close to major transportation hubs, fortunate to have its very own state-of-the art learning facility, HEAD Law School is an exciting and innovative new center for French and international legal education and research. Paris is a fascinating city where many cultures meet and where you will have wonderful opportunities for a range of different activities. The international environment of the school and close-knit nature of the student body will enable you to enjoy this to the full.

Give a Head Start to Your Legal Career

HEAD Law School is the first French private law school founded by international business lawyers and law professors in 2008.
It opens doors to the best international law firms as well as to in-house legal functions in multinational corporations.
  • Bilingual track: Lessons are taught in French and in English and require a good level in both languages. 
  • 100% English: Lessons are taught exclusively in English. This requires the students to have English as their native language or passed an exam in English as a foreign language.

The curriculum focuses on professional skills and legal savoir-faire and enables you to go deeply into two complementary fields of study:
law and business.

Each student has a large choice of optional courses that enables him to customize his or her desired subject matter specialization.
Main topics are :

  • Business Law: contracts, drafting, negotiation, disputes, anti-trust, tax and financing
  • Professional Savoir-Faire: legal research, presentation skills, writing skills, negotiating skills
  • Business Environment: mergers & acquisitions, accounting, finance, compliance, HR policies, marketing and communication
  • Humanities: history of political ideas, history of economic ideas, law and art, law and literature
  • International Development: language skills, comparative law, international law
  • Preparation for Professional Life: professional development, resume tools, pro bono activity, mentoring, internships.
The staff is fully dedicated to the creation of a student supportive environment. It provides a warm welcome to all students coming to HEAD and gives them academic tools essential to succeed in their studies.

HEAD Law School student organization provide both exciting events and friendly support in order to make sure that all students spend a memorable time in Paris and achieve a rewarding integration in the legal community.

Take advantage of a Multidisciplinary Program

The LLM in Law and Business combines excellence in law and advanced courses in finance, marketing, management for an understanding of the global business environment. A special emphasis is placed on practical courses and professional savoir-faire.

The study program at HEAD combines both theoretical and practical classes. This enables the students to learn directly from practicioners who are in contact with the professional world. The students will experience a very enrichment education

Aitana Balboa, Spain, promotion 2014-2015

Benefit From Constant Exposure to the Best Professionals

  • Courses are co-taught by leading professors from the French universities and international legal practitioners so that you can acquire skills that are  not taught  in other  law schools and be  fully prepared to work in large international firms and companies.

  • A personal mentor, chosen among partner lawyers and in-house counsel, is attributed to each student in accordance with his or her professional ambitions.  During monthly meetings, mentors  provide  insightful advice and help students define their career plan and especially their choice of  internship.

Nicole Navarre USA promotion 2014-2015

"HEAD is the perfect place to develop both personnally and professionally. The quality of the professors is unparallelled, as the students learn practical skills from those who have themselves succeeded in the field of law. Between the innovative education, the close friendships among the students, and the abundance of cultural activities avilable thanks to to the central Parisian location, one could not ask for a better law school experience"

Shilpa Anand India promotion 2014-2015

"HEAD provides a great exposure to all the students, as it is a great place to build network with the leading professionals of France. Regular interactions with these professionals in classes and in conferences has been very helpful in understanding the practical working environment in law firms and a companies  and the approach to find the solution to a legal problem by using the practical skills"