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Northeastern University School of Law


Northeastern University School of Law is a national and international leader in melding experiential education with a theoretical and practical understanding of the role of law in society and the ways in  which law advances the public good. 
We advance this vision through rigorous classroom and experiential learning, innovative disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and scholarship, and real world connections in service, scholarship and teaching.

The University

Founded in 1898, Northeastern University is a private research university located in the heart of Boston. Northeastern is a worldwide leader in experiential learning and interdisciplinary research aimed at meeting global and societal needs. 

The university’s broad mix of experience-based education programs—our signature cooperative education program, as well as student research, service learning and global learning—helps students to build the knowledge and connections that enable them to transform their lives and the world. The university offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Application Procedure

All LLM applicants must hold a first degree in law. For international applicants, the requirement may be fulfilled by an LLB or its equivalent from an accredited or comparably recognized law school outside the United States. For domestic applicants, a JD is required.

Students can apply directly to the school via the online application. The Northeastern University School of Law LLM application is also available through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC)

Application Requirements

  • Northeastern School of Law LLM Application Form (available on our website or through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).
  • $75 Application Fee or Fee Waiver
  • Résumé or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Personal Statement of Purpose
  • Current LSAC LLM Credential Assembly Service (LLM CAS) report, or (for students applying directly) the following items:
  • Official transcripts or mark sheets (in a sealed envelope)
  • Credential evaluation of the applicant’s first professional law degree transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Official score reports for the Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT®-our TOEFL code is 3658) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (if applicable)

More information about the LLM application process is available on our website.

LLM application : Direct Link


Northeastern University is located in one of America’s most beautiful, exciting and truly livable cities. Within walking distance of the law school, you can take in the galleries at the Museum of Fine Arts, a Boston Pops concert at renowned Symphony Hall or a Red Sox baseball game at historic Fenway Park. Or, if you want to soak up local and international culture, hop on the T (Boston’s subway) right outside of the law school’s doors for a short ride to the Italian North End or Chinatown for authentic regional cuisines. Or go shopping at Faneuil Hall or relax in Boston’s famed Public Garden. What’s more, because the city is filled with hundreds of thousands of students, there are tons of opportunities to get student discounts at great museums, theaters, concerts and events.

Boston is also one of the most sophisticated legal markets in the United States. A center for health care, Boston is home to some of the oldest and most prestigious teaching hospitals in the country.


Information on accommodation can be found on the Northeastern University’s off-campus website.

The General LLM

Most LLM students opt for the General Program because it provides them with the greatest flexibility to take the courses they want in pursuit of their professional interests and personal aspirations. Whether you are a US- or internationally trained lawyer looking for individualized professional growth or a candidate for a US bar exam, Northeastern’s General LLM Program offers what you need to do what you want: to advance your professional goals and to make a difference in the world. 

The General LLM Program lasts 12 months. You may start in May and graduate the following May, or start in August and graduate the following August. Students who wish to start in May are encouraged to apply by February 2; students who wish to start in August are encouraged to apply by May 4.

The General LLM Program features:

A Minimum of Required Courses
: LLM students who obtained their first law degree outside the US benefit from three foundational courses in legal research, legal writing, and an introduction to the US legal system, which provide the background knowledge and basic skills needed to succeed in the US law school environment and in the global practice of law. 

A Maximum of Elective Courses: LLM students in the General Program enroll in regular JD courses based entirely on their personal interests and career goals, including the desire to qualify for a US bar exam. You may also focus your studies in a particular substantive area, such as corporate law, commercial law, trade law, public international law, intellectual property or international human rights. 

Co-op: All LLM students in good academic standing spend a full quarter (10-11 weeks) completing a full-time legal practice experience in settings such as law firms, companies, clinics, court houses, government agencies, community organizations, NGOs and advocacy groups around the world.

Independent Research and Writing: All LLM students identify an area of law they are interested in exploring in the form of an independent research project and paper. A Northeastern law faculty member who shares your area of interest provides the necessary supervision, either in conjunction with a seminar or in the context of an independent study.

The Law School

Northeastern University School of Law is the preeminent US law school in experience-based legal education. Our unique approach to training lawyers brings together outstanding classroom teaching with simulation courses based on real-world legal problems, clinical programs working with real clients, and legal placements with law firms, courts, corporations, and governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the United States and around the world. Students gain the intellectual tools, practical experience and confidence they need to become outstanding legal professionals.

Student Life

Northeastern University School of Law is a small, close-knit community of legal scholars and practitioners housed inside one of the most dynamic private universities in the United States.

At Northeastern University School of Law, we cultivate a collegial and supportive atmosphere that begins in the classroom and extends throughout campus. Students regard one another as peers rather than rivals — teaming up for projects and study sessions, collaborating as members of student groups and forging professional and personal bonds that endure long after graduation. 

LLM students are invited and encouraged to participate in the law school's more than 25 student organizations and to take advantage of amenities like the Marino Center, which help keep you physically fit and mentally alert.

When you’re not studying in the stacks of the law library or taking full advantage of all the campus has to offer, Boston is your professional arena and personal land of adventure.

The School of Law’s LLM program combines the best elements of our extensive academic offerings with courses specifically designed to give LLM students the foundational knowledge and skills they need to become effective global lawyers. Whether you are looking to enhance your understanding of the US legal system, gain firsthand practice experience working with US lawyers, increase your expertise in a particular field of law, or enhance your attractiveness to employers in your home country, an LLM from Northeastern University School of Law will help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.


Each of the LLM concentrations is one-year (12-months) in length, starting and ending in August. Students are encouraged to apply by May 4.

Each of the concentrations combines a core of required courses with a diverse range of elective courses and practical legal experience. The curriculum provides students with a strong substantive foundation in the area of specialization (health policy and law/human rights/law and economic development) while giving them substantial freedom to choose their own courses and pursue their own work interests. Students also gain hands-on legal experience through “Co-op” and complete an independent research and writing project. 

Health Policy and Law

The Health Policy and Law concentration is designed to meet the needs of lawyers who are working in health policy and law and hope to enhance their skills, or lawyers who wish to enter this rapidly growing field. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, public health challenges, global public health issues, and questions about bioethics, this is a burgeoning field with tremendous opportunities for those with an LLM.

Human Rights

The Human Rights concentration is designed for both US- and internationally trained lawyers preparing for careers working with NGOs, advocacy groups, community organizations, and others dedicated to supporting human rights through the legal system.  Students are invited  to join in the School of Law’s cooperative efforts with scholars, institutions and advocates nationally and internationally to address issues of human rights and the promotion of economic, social and cultural rights.

Law and Economic Development

Students in the Law and Economic Development concentration will have the opportunity to explore how legal professionals can participate in processes and contribute to policy choices intended to benefit their fellow citizens economically, politically, and socially.

Dual-Degree Programs

Our two-year (24-month) dual-degree programs begin and end in May. Students should apply to the LLM program by February 2.


Lawyers in a broad range of practice fields are increasingly being called upon to evidence business as well as legal training to serve the needs of their clients. The LLM+MBA dual-degree program is the ideal career path for working legal practitioners who wish to enhance their professional credentials in order to remain competitive in the current challenging global economic environment.

The calendar and curriculum of this dual-degree program are designed to ensure that students integrate their studies in law and business. Students begin with one academic quarter at the law school taking foundational courses in law and business law, then move to the business school for a full year of MBA coursework before returning to the law school to complete their LLM coursework and engage in a “Co-op” that takes full advantage of all they have learned in both schools. 

LLM + MA in Sustainable International Development

Lawyers interested in international development will want to take advantage of the opportunity to obtain both a Master of Laws degree and a Master's degree  in Sustainable International Development from one of the leaders in the field, the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. The program includes the opportunity to do a Northeastern law Co-op or a Heller development practicum – or both!  Graduates of the program will have not only the legal knowledge and developmental expertise they need to grow their career but also have the experience in law and development  to put them on the road to professional success. 

Tuition and Fees

Information on tuition and fees can be found on our website.

Financial Aid

All LLM applicants are considered for a partial LLM Scholarship. There is no additional application required and all applicants are considered at the time their application is reviewed by the Admissions Committee. LLM Scholarships are given to the strongest candidates in the applicant pool. Scholarships are generally based on the academic and professional credentials of the applicant.

The Faculty

NUSL faculty practice what they teach. In addition to being exceptional scholars and researchers -- authors of trailblazing treatises and respected reads —they are leading-edge litigators, ardent advocates, relied-on consultants and influential policy shapers. To them the Law isn’t simply an academic subject; it’s a tool that they whet and wield with authority and passion.

As engaged as they are, our faculty members—including distinguished visiting and adjunct faculty, specialists, lecturers and program managers—are available, accessible and eager to offer advice and assistance. They are passionate about teaching and take great pride in inspiring the next generation of professionals who will make their mark on the world.

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